I fell in love with Until November in a big way. I loved the characters, I loved the writing and I loved the story but I have to be honest the thing that makes me LOVE this author is the dogs. Yeah, yeah I know that sounds crazy but for me I can’t be without a dog, they are as essential to our daily life as our friends and family, they are members of our family so when an author writes a kick ass book with great characters and includes the dog almost as a secondary character I am in love.

Don’t get me wrong the story on both these books is awesome and would still be a 5 star read without the pooches it just makes me connect to the characters better and love the author more.

Anyway guess you all aren’t reading this to hear how much I love dogs so I suppose I can tell you a little about the actual story now :P

The Mayson BOOM is a family legend and is something all of the boys grow up knowing will happen to them. So they spread their wild oats far and fast while waiting for THE ONE to come along so they can start their happily ever after.

Trevor was hilarious after meeting him in Until November I figured he would be great but knowing the hurdles he had put in his own way made me go into the book thinking he might not live up to Asher’s high standards but damned if he didn’t make me just want to join that family even more.

I love how these guys know what they want and nothing will ever stand in their way. They definitely meet the alpha approved list.

As always the secondary characters were perfect and Liz was definitely a kick ass leading lady. I love that she loved him to the bottom of her soul but never was she prepared to take any of his shit. She 100% was as strong and sassy as November and I can’t help but add that to my list of reasons to stalk Crystal. In fact that list is getting pretty long now that I think about it.

If you haven't yet gotten acquainted with the Mason brothers rush out and grab the books now as they really are an amazing read.


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