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  A sweet and sexy standalone romantic comedy!
The Romans had carpe diem; I have carpe David.  

You know what's frustrating about the love of my life? He thinks he's in love with someone else...and has been dating her for five years! I know, right?

Then they suddenly break up. And he and I are on the same business trip. My chance to convince him we're meant to be!  

Except when I go to his suite in my sexiest lingerie and with my sexiest toys, David's gone. Instead, there's some guy who thinks I'm the evening's professional entertainment.  

As if!  

Walking out of the room should've been the end of it...

...until that man, Luke, shows up again, ostensibly to return something I left behind. (A sex toy...a very very dirty one...)

 ...and refuses to go away because we apparently have "chemistry." And okay, he's admittedly hot, but there's more to a relationship than chemistry, right...?  

What have I done to deserve this?

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Release Day | February 6 That Sexy Stranger Teaser

Release Day | January 30 That Sexy Stranger Teaser   



New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nadia Lee writes sexy, emotional contemporary romance. Born with a love for excellent food, travel and adventure, she has lived in four different countries, kissed stingrays, been bitten by a shark, ridden an elephant and petted tigers. Currently, she shares a condo overlooking a small river and sakura trees in Japan with her husband and son. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading books by her favorite authors or planning another trip.

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All the Little Lights
Jamie McGuire
Publication date: May 29th 2018
Genres: YA Crossover

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Jamie McGuire comes a riveting tale of first love that starts young but runs deep.

The first time Elliott Youngblood spots Catherine Calhoun, he’s just a boy with a camera, and he’s never seen a sadder and more beautiful sight.

Both Elliott and Catherine feel like outcasts, yet they find an easy friendship with each other. But when Catherine needs him most, Elliott is forced to leave town.

Elliott finally returns, but he and Catherine are now different people. He’s a star high school athlete, and she spends all her free time working at her mother’s mysterious bed-and-breakfast. Catherine hasn’t forgiven Elliott for abandoning her, but he’s determined to win back her friendship…and her heart.

Just when Catherine is ready to fully trust Elliott, he becomes the prime suspect in a local tragedy. Despite the town’s growing suspicions, Catherine clings to her love for Elliott. But a devastating secret that Catherine has buried could destroy whatever chance of happiness they have left.

Author Bio:

Jamie McGuire is the #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Walking Disaster, the Maddox Brothers series, the Providence trilogy, and the international bestseller Beautiful Disaster, which paved the way for the new-adult genre. She was the first independent author in history to strike a print deal with retail giant Walmart, and her work has been translated into fifty languages. She lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with her husband, Jeff, and their three children.


I first fell for Kylie Scott’s writing when a book friend demanded I read Flesh and I loved it. I immediately devoured the series and I knew this was an author I would love everything she wrote.

So I added Lick to my tbr mountain and one clicked it, then I picked it up and put it down because to be honest I kind of am over rockstars. Then Dirty came along and I had to have it. I again added it to the tbr and one clicked it then left it because I knew it was a spin off and I thought I should read the Stage Dive series first.

But then I kept seeing awesome reviews and reading the blurb and I figured fuck it I was reading Dirty. So now I have to ask what the hell is wrong with me that I waited so long to read this.

Vaughan oh my fucking god Vaughan. Seriously where do I sign up for one of those? The preconceived notions I had of what he would be like were so far off the mark. He was awesome.

But Lydia was even better. I love heroines who are strong and feisty and know who they are and despite a few mistakes Lydia was perfect. She owned her fuck ups and went after what she wanted. There were no games or immature petty bullshit or worrying about propriety. She just knew how she felt and went with it. I loved her.

And I seriously loved all of the characters who were involved in the dive bar. They all felt so real and genuine. I got so caught up in the story I couldn’t put it down until I had read the last word and even then my head was still in this world that Kylie Scott created and I know I have to read all of these other books asap.

Holy feels Batman. 

Sure, I knew this would be an emotional read and it's pretty much a given that I was going to cry reading this, but oh my god it shattered me in all the best ways. From the first page I was so hooked, I couldn’t read it fast enough.

I instantly fell in love with Ryan he was everything I love in a new adult hero. And the more I got to know him the deeper I fell. And even though we didn't get in his head Tijan did such an amazing job of getting his side across that I really didn't need it.

Mackenzie was so relate-able, even with everything she was going through, that I will never be able to go through, I completely got her. And I loved that she never acted like a victim despite having every excuse to.

I absolutely didn't see the twist at the end coming but damn did that finish the book to perfection and make me think about the whole story in a whole new light and want to read it all over again to see how having that one new puzzle piece would change my feelings on the book.

Tijan is definitely now an author I have to read after reading two of her stand-alones, I just need to gather the balls to commit to reading some of her series.

Guardian Protection Agency #2 
Aly Martinez


When I was nineteen years old, I was faced with a choice that changed my life.
Keep the safety of what I already knew or risk losing everything with the young, hotheaded soldier who stole my heart.

I chose the wrong man, and for seventeen years, I paid in tears, blood, and shattered dreams for that decision.

Now, there’s a man in my house, holding a gun to my head on the order of my ex-husband—given from his prison cell. 

That hotheaded soldier I was too afraid to choose? He’s now a six-foot-three wall of muscle who works at the country’s most premier bodyguard agency. I’ve always wanted him, but now, I’ve never needed him more.

It’s the call I’m terrified to make. 
I’m sure he still hates me… Even though I’ve never stopped loving him.


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Author Bio

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children.

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side.

Author Links 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter | Goodreads | Amazon


Aly Martinez has been one of my automatic one click favorite authors since the first time I picked up one of her books. And this series has only proven to cement that even further. How she so flawlessly manages to weave drama, suspense, action, heartbreak, romance and lust into these books is beyond me.

I always know going in that I am going to be so caught up in the book I won't be able to put it down. But every time I finish one I am still stunned to have to come back to reality.

 If this book hadn't been dual point of view I am sure I would have hated one if not both main characters. There were so many times I would be reading and get upset over the other person's actions only to then read their point of view and be upset with the first person. To be fair this was due to my much hated lack of communication between the characters but for whatever reason I didn't even think about it as I was reading, I was too hooked into the story.

I loved Lark so much I really could not have gotten enough of him. He was the perfect growling, possessive, clueless guy that I always love. I have to admit that although I liked Mira she annoyed me for a lot of the book and I had more than a few eye-roll moments where I really wanted someone to shake her. But of course the writing was so perfect that I would turn the page and forgive her.

I loved that we got a lot of secondary characters that I already knew and of course catching up with the Guardian guys could never disappoint. Plus the little hints towards the next book have me off to stalk Aly to see how long we have to wait for this awesome series to continue.

So that was a lot more emotional than I was expecting it to be, although in all honesty I am at the stage where I cry at ads on TV and they don't even have to be the cute toilet paper kind. And to be fair it's also not like I don't know that Lauren Layne has the ability to write a story that runs me through the wringer its more the fact I made the assumption that this was going to be super light hearted and funny and maybe for people not 2 million weeks pregnant it was.

I loved the characters and immediately liked Jordan, even though her job was to try to capitalize from other people's lives she was so caring and considerate. Luke was a bit of an arse and unlike my normal self where that would work for me I never really warmed up to him. Luckily the secondary characters were awesome and with so many of them they all had an impact on my feels for this book. I am sincerely hoping Simon will be in the next book.

Overall I really enjoyed the story and despite it not being what I was expecting it was the perfect read for a lazy day on the couch. And now I am dying to get my hands on the next one.


So I kind of went AWOL there for the last few months and I have to be honest there were a lot of times I didn't think I was going to come back. But here I am kinda.

I have started and stopped and deleted and rewritten this post half a dozen times but I guess the easiest way to write this is to go back to the beginning and throw it all out there. My husband and our four kids have been involved in foster care for a bit now and we generally love it, when it isn't breaking our heart that is. Anyway early last year we were asked to provide emergency care for a family of six kids for 2 weeks while the department set them up in a house with permanent carers. So I moved into holiday accommodation and had weekend visits with hubby and our kids. Nine weeks later I came home, not that I can complain as the kids I was looking after were amazing.

As you can imagine I came back exhausted and run down and a little fluey and hubby and I decided to have a month off work and spend some family time. Of course best laid plans and all that. Before we could relax we were asked to take on emergency care for two young boys for two weeks. Quick family meeting had us all in. But then before the boys could land we were asked to take on a newborn baby girl for four weeks. Naturally we said yes.

So I spent the two days before they arrived getting rooms ready and scheduling all the blog posts I was able to thinking I would just blog in the evenings when everyone was sleeping. What I didn't count on was not being able to keep my eyes open after running around after extremely active 3 and 4 year old boys and being woken up every three to four hours to watch hubby feed a newborn. So sadly I left my beloved blog for dead and focused on keeping my eyes open and putting one foot in front on the other.

Finally the constant exhaustion and lingering flu had hubby sending me off to the doctors where SURPRISE guess who is pregnant!?!

And now, here we are nearly six months later. 32 weeks pregnant, our emergency care of our two little trouble maker boys is looking at being long term and our four week care of our little angel has been extended for 6 to 12 months with us all praying we get to keep her forever.

But more importantly here I am missing blogging and reviewing and seeing if I can ease back into it a lot more casually than I was now that we have a routine that is semi working for us. Not that everything is roses and rainbows but we are at the point we have more good days than bad and summer holidays are starting to wind down so we will have two whole days a week where everyone but Miss Skittles is at school. Not that I am counting down the days. (20 in case you're curious)

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