I absolutely love Ginger Scott’s writing. I fell in love with her Falling Series so hard and I added this to my tbr pile and stalked her between books. And although I one clicked it and looked at it every time I looked for my next book to read I kept putting it off. I knew it would destroy me and I needed to find the time to hide away with it.

Well I wasn’t wrong, it destroyed me from the start, but it wasn’t at all what I expected from the blurb and in all honesty I am glad I went into it semi blind. Every twist in the story, every new tragedy, every piece of angst hit me like I was living it.

Kensi was so undeserving of the things that befell her yet she never once made it about her and I think that’s why I loved her so hard. She didn’t break and she kept fighting for the people she loved.

Owen, well, he had his arsehole , man whore moments but then I love that in a book boyfriend so it really just made me love him even more when he showed his true nature and let himself love Kensi.

This was an awesome book despite the puffy eyes from all the ugly tears I have cried and just further cements my crush on the amazing Ginger. 

Fucking loved it.


This is yet another case of why the hell did I wait so long to read this book? I mean seriously it has been on my kindle forever and I have wanted to read it for just as long but I kept getting side tracked. Then I had a bit of angst overload and picked it up and couldn’t put it down.

I really need to read more Penny Reid books. She has this way of making me cry, swoon and piss myself laughing all within a single page and I always find myself so invested in her characters I feel like I need to tell everyone how awesome they are.

I did read the blurb for this one and I thought I knew was I was getting and I kinda got what I expected, just not in the way I was thinking it would happen but I also got so much more.

Duane had moments of absolute alpha that had me wanting to wrap him up and take him home but sadly he also had moments of complete stupidity and bullshit male thinking that I really wanted to slap him. However when it counted he was perfect and the things that came out of his mouth were pure poetry.

I loved meeting the Winston brothers and although I probably shouldn’t admit it since we didn’t see nearly enough of them I do have my favourites and I can’t wait to get to their books.

And while Jessica was sweet I had moments when her attitude just drove me nuts. I mean don’t get me wrong I loved her and I really wanted them to get together and start popping out cute little babies. I just wanted her to pull her head out of her ass a little faster and get to the happily ever after she was fighting for.

So if you’re looking for a sweet, funny, feel good book with a touch of drama, a lot of action and some swoon worthy moments mixed in you have to read this book now.

This was a steamy little novella with a very heaped dose of sweet. I have to admit I didn't really connect to screwed but I think that was more me than the book because this novella was perfect.

Despite having read screwed and knowing a little of the background of these characters I really had no idea how they were going to get together or how their story was going to go and I really don't think you need to read it if you're just chasing a short and steamy friends to lovers fix. 

I do have to say that I felt the ending was a little rushed. I know it was a novella but I wanted a little more hea and the epilogue while awesome just didn't feel like enough. But with that said it did perfectly round off the story and add to the warm fuzzies I got from this novella.


Holy shit. I feel like Kristen delved into my brain and pulled out the perfect man to make me feel all squirmy and squishy. Not only was Dex sexy as fuck with his beard and man bun but he was also sweet and loving and then you throw in his tattoos, piercings and the fact he has a dirty mouth and bam I am in love. And you would think all that would be enough but no then she throws in his ability with Gray and Ivy's new baby and him flying in to help babysit so they can get some sleep and boom ovaries exploded.

I mean seriously what more could you want in a man? Oh did I mention he was a virgin? And he plays professional football? That's right the unicorn of romance heroes. I mean damn do I even need to tell you about anything else? Why haven't you already started reading this?

Ok so maybe I can tell you a little about her. She is Ivy's flighty baby sister who we have heard a little about in the friend zone and to be honest there were moments I didn't like her a whole lot but then it was hard not to like her just purely on how much Dex loved her. He painted her in such an amazing light that even when she hugged me I got it. And even though there were a few times she did what seemed to be stupid selfish shit, she did do them for the right reasons. And maybe part of my issue was the fact she owned Dex heart and soul.

This series has been awesome from the start but damn did this one more than deliver. I feel like it was written as my own personal birthday present and I seriously couldn't recommend it more. It can be read as a complete stand alone but honestly if you like the sound of this one you will love the whole series so you may as well start at the beginning and get the full experience.

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