Always, Axel, book 4 in the Boys on the Hill series, by Rose Croft is out today! 

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Cover Designer: Ariadna Basulto
Model: Eric Toledo
Photog: Miguel Angel Chazo


Being the most talented football

player came with benefits.



Adoration of all

Women flocked to him

People wanted to be like him

So why would he have any interest

in an innocent, book nerd like me?

I owed him a favor.

“Be my girl,” he said.

“Let’s have fun,” he said.

And when the fun was over,

we would go our separate ways.

Harmless, right?

But what if it wasn’t?

Because I realized…

Axel did nothing in half measures

And whatever he wanted,

he would do everything in

his power to have it.

I just didn’t realize

he would break me in the process.

Author Bio:
Rose Croft is a wannabe poet and a writer in her own mind. She’s a wife and mom to a beautiful daughter and lives her own happily ever after.

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Tijan has revealed the cover for Pine River!

Releasing: October 24, 2023

Photographer: Wander Aguiar


​​Pine River was supposed to be a new start for me.

And it was, especially attending school with my three overprotective cousins, who were the triplets at the top of the social hierarchy.
Except they weren't alone there, and the first day when I came to school, I saw him.
Scout Raiden.
Tall. Lean. Tattooed. Mesmerizing.
He was a golden god with dark and piercing eyes—looking like he wanted to eat me up.
The feeling was mutual, and that was a problem.
It was lust-want-must have-loathing-hate all at once. I was affected.
And I couldn't have that. No way.
Not after what I'd just left in Cedra Valley.
I didn't care how much money his uncle had.
I didn't care that it seemed every girl wanted him.
I didn't care about his reputation as an up-and-coming fighter.
Or the promise of how those hands would make me feel.
What I did care about was staying as far away from Scout as possible.
Because the promise of his presence, the heat that was going to turn the light back on in my world wasn't a promise at all.
It was a threat.
I wasn't going to survive Scout Raiden.

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Meet Tijan

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing after college and once she started, she was hooked. She's written multi-bestsellers including the Fallen Crest series, Ryan's Bed, Enemies and others.
She is currently writing many new books and series with an English Cocker she adores.



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Tempting the Player by Rebecca Jenshak is now live! 

He’s the last guy I should fall for.


Valley U was supposed to be my fresh start after I escaped the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

I didn’t want to be the former child star who graced TV screens across the world.

I wanted to feel normal.

When the same hot guy runs past my off-campus house every day, I assume he’s another college student.

When he protects me from boys who still think of me as the character from their teenage dreams, I think he is being kind.

When my past comes back to haunt me, he makes me feel safe.

I’m falling hard and fast for a guy I barely know.

Until I realize my mysterious new crush has a secret.

He was hired to be my undercover bodyguard.


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Narrated by: Jacob Morgan & Ava Erickson


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Meet Rebecca


Rebecca Jenshak is a USA Today bestselling author of new adult and sports romance. She writes sexy, feel-good stories with lots of swoon-worthy moments.

Rebecca lives in Arizona. When she isn’t writing, you can find her cheering on local sports teams, hanging out with friends and family, or curled up with a good book.

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I can’t believe that this is the end of our beautiful wallflowers. Although I have to say that this is how you end an awesome series. This book had everything I could have asked for. I went into it thinking that Jane was going to be with someone that we already knew from the previous books. Then we are given a glimpse of Hendrick and I forgot there were any other possible options for Jane. Jane was probably the quietest of the wallflowers because she was trying to lay low for the first two books and then in the third, we got a tiny glimpse of her starting to come out of her shell.


It was so great to see her step out of the shadows and start living as herself without fear. And then this book picks up and the drama starts, not with a bang but with so much subtlety that I couldn’t stop giving everyone side eye as I tried to figure out if they could be involved. Watching Hendrick break his own rules and turn himself inside out to ensure her safety, made me love him more and more. 


Hendrick and Jane had that perfect mix of chemistry and common sense that made the push and pull so much more interesting to watch play out. Because they were both fighting so hard to not just do the right thing but to look after each other in the process. I absolutely loved all of Hendrick’s brothers and I am praying that they will each be getting their own books soon. 


The only thing I could ask for with this book was to get more of the girl gang. Because although I adored everything Hendrick and Jane, and Holland brothers, I really missed the wallflowers hanging out as much as normal. But then that epilogue was beyond cute and despite the fact it’s over, it ended so beautifully that I can’t wait to see what Rebecca Jenshak has in store for us next.




Claudia Burgoa

Release Date: September 18

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes a heart-gripping, single mom, age gap, secret billionaire romance.

  I don’t have time for flings.
Love is out of the question.
As a single mom and small-town doctor, my plate is more than full.  

  But when Drake Kershaw, an experienced physician with a mysterious past, comes into my life, I can't resist his charm. He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met before.  

Drake is smart, charming, and has a heart of gold.
But he’s also grumpy and hesitant to let anyone close.
Like the rest of his wealthy family, he’s full of secrets.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s dangerous.  

  I should stay away, but how can I when he works in my practice?  

  And despite his grumpiness, Drake is amazing with my son.
He’s patient and kind and has a way of making him laugh that always melts my heart.
Watching them together, I can imagine a future–a future that could never happen.  

  But can we find a way to overcome our emotional scars and build a future together?  

  A Place Like You is the first book in the Heartwood Lake Secret Billionaire Series—an emotional rollercoaster of a journey that combines the intense drama of Succession and the hilarity of Schitt's Creek. A must-read.

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Meet Claudia Burgoa:
Claudia is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author.

She writes alluring, thrilling stories about complicated women and the men who take their breaths away. Her books are the perfect blend of steamy and heartfelt, filled with emotional characters and explosive chemistry. Her writing takes readers to new heights, providing a variety of tears, laughs, and shocking moments that leave fans on the edge of their seats.

She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, her youngest two children, and three fluffy dogs.

When Claudia is not writing, you can find her reading, knitting, or just hanging out with her family. At nights, she likes to binge watch shows or movies with her equally geeky husband.   Keep up with Claudia Burgoa and subscribe to her newsletter:

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Lauren Rowe

Release Date: September 15


Maximillian Vaughn:
Once I saw Marnie Long, a sassy, sultry, charismatic older woman in a bar, I couldn’t peel my eyes off her. I wanted her. At least, for one night. I’m way too busy with my career these days for anything more. As it turned out, after recently getting burned, Marnie was on the same page as me—all she wanted was one night of fun. I was happy to be of service. What I didn’t expect during our night together, however, was how deeply we connected. Also, how much I was dying to see her again the next morning.

Marnie Long:
After accepting Max’s surprising breakfast invitation the next morning, I was floating on air. Mere minutes later, though, all hell broke loose and I had no choice but to bolt out of Max’s place like my hair was on fire. It was such a pity, too. That scorching-hot patent attorney was the best I’ve ever had.

A year later, when I ran into Max at a party, I was a very bad girl and didn’t resist doing that very naughty thing. Now, thanks to my utter lack of willpower and common sense, I’ve risked my horrible secret getting out. Even worse, I’m in danger of catching real feelings for Max. Which I simply can’t do. Obviously. I’m not sure I can control what happens next, though. When I’m with Max, I feel like a runaway train, on the verge of hurtling off my tracks.

Who’s Your Daddy? is a single mother, age gap, forced proximity, standalone, unputdownable rom com that will keep you laughing, fanning yourself, and swooning, all the way to Max and Marnie’s happily ever after.

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Meet Lauren Rowe:

Lauren Rowe is the USA Today and international #1 best-selling author of bestselling Standalone Smitten, The Reed Rivers Trilogy, as well as The Club Trilogy, The Josh & Kat Trilogy, The Morgan Brothers Series, Countdown to Killing Kurtis, and select standalone Misadventures.

Lauren's books are full of feels, humor, heat, and heart. Besides writing novels, Lauren is the singer in a party/wedding band in her hometown of San Diego, an audio book narrator, and award-winning songwriter. She is thrilled to connect with readers all over the world.

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Sara Ney

Release Date: September 15


I, Drew Colter, have a confession to make…I’m burnt out and need a break.

From school, from football—from living with roommates, my obnoxious twin brother and our older brothers girlfriend. The only person who I can talk to these days is my best friend from high school, and he’s back in our hometown and halfway across the country. Somehow he convinces me that maybe…

…Maybe it’s time to take a trip. Party. Have some fun.

That fun does not include his sister.

  Long black hair and even longer legs, Tess Donahue had lost the braces and gained the confidence she never had as a teenager. She’s hilarious, pretty—and when I see her in those cowboy boots?


  Stolen glances. Flirty banter. One drunk filled night.

  Suddenly, my uncomplicated weekend of ‘living a little’ in my hometown becomes a lifetime being tied to the one girl that was off limits.


My Review

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Meet Sara Ney:
Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte’s, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

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