I saw a teaser for this book, and I basically ran around screaming I volunteer as tribute. I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough. I had absolutely no idea it was a crossover of a series that's been on my TBR. So, once I realised that I was even more keen to get an idea of the writing style and see some of the characters.


Obviously, this was just a smutty little novella, so I wasn't expecting much of a story. And although we did get some it was just enough to make me invested in the characters. Because the first “meet” was steamy and set up their first in person meeting perfectly. From there the push and pull managed to toe the line between stop being an idiot and omg when is this going to happen perfectly. 


Aaron was possessive and jealous and all things hot, over the top, alpha. Amber was the perfect mix of naive and smart, well educated, strong willed and well aware of her worth but wanting to break out of her good girl persona. And watching her get what she wanted, and more was so hot, and my husband definitely appreciated the read.




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