I read a review of this book complaining that nothing happened. And that's kind of a yes and a no. For a new adult, sports college romance there was no miscommunication, no misunderstanding over nothing, no other woman drama. It was all very mature and well-handled and just normal. And sometimes that's just what I need in a book when the drama is high in reality.


Grey and Tiffany had an interesting story in that it started off with a bang. And then everything went a little backwards. But they actually dealt with everything, and I enjoyed it. I honestly did expect more drama or some twists and turns, but they just never came. 


The only thing I can say is that I would have liked to see more of them together as a family at the end. It wrapped up really quickly and then jumped to the epilogue which is autumn and I'm guessing her story's introduction. I haven't read it yet in case I get sucked into the next book at stupid o'clock. Although I have really liked autumn so far and I'm sure she will be interesting. Plus, we are out of siblings so we should be getting to know a different character better. But that's tomorrow's discovery. Toodles




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