His Perfect Gift from Rose Croft is out now for you to spend your holiday with! Snag your copy of this forbidden, dad's best friend novella today!

Cover Designer: Katherine Lopez


I’ve always been a patient man.

A respectful man

An honorable man.

A man who was always in control.

Until I saw a beautiful angel…

An angel that was off-limits to me.

Because I realized she was my best friend’s daughter who was all grown up and stunning.

I tried to resist.

But when she caught my eye…

I felt my control begin to slip.

I tried to stay away 

and do the right thing.

However, temptation was a bitch…

And when I decided I wanted something…

There was nothing that could stop me

because she was my perfect gift.

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About the Author:

Rose Croft is a wannabe poet and a writer in her own mind. She’s a wife and mom to a beautiful daughter and lives her own happily ever after.


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