I don't know how I missed this book sneak out. I am loving the Heston U series and had no idea this was part of it until I read the blurb and was hit in the face with it. That said it reads as a complete stand-alone, especially since it's a slightly older couple than the college aged ones in the rest of the series but we do get some cameos and the setting of course.


Anywho, this book popped up and I grabbed it on KU and dove in. But what I neglected to factor in is that it's school holidays right before Christmas. So, although I want to just hide and read the Mum calls are even more insistent than normal and so is the list of to-do items. So, it felt like it took forever to read this, which kind of made it feel like it dragged. And I really wanted to skim it, but I couldn't because I really needed to know what was going to happen next.


Both Eve and Cole were awesome characters that I really loved and could relate to. I was blown away by how hot this was. And the scenes between them made me blush and drag my husband off to hide from the kids a time or two. However, the actual emotional connection and the amount of care Cole took of Eve was what really made this book awesome.


I can't wait to get back to Heston U and hopefully catch little cameos from these guys and the couples we have already met.




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