Seriously, who had any idea that Ash would give such great boyfriend? I mean he's an awesome guy and I have really enjoyed his character but holy swoon batman. That first chapter in his point of view my little brain was screaming “yes, here we go” and it was spot on. 


The story just kept getting better the more pages I turned, and I couldn't put it down or stop turning them. I love having the whole crew in every book. It feels like catching up with old friends. And the introduction of new characters who fit in so seamlessly is gold. 


Bridget was a sweetheart who mixed in so perfectly with Grace and Ev it was easy to forget she hadn't been around for the entire series. And even when she was trying to throw up walls and holding back, knowing it wasn't selfish made me like her. Because I did have a few moments where I was wanting to scream at her to speak up to certain people. But the way it played out was perfect and hopefully clearing the way for Jack and Everly, please.


Anyway, back to Ash. I love a hero who is all in and just puts it all out there. I couldn't get enough of him, and I really wish he had eleventy seven brothers we could all get books for. Guess I'll just have to wait and see which hockey boy we get next and enjoy them. The new guy and his son sounds promising. But regardless at least we get to catch up with the team and follow along with their beautiful happily ever afters.




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