I grabbed this book on KU forever ago when I had my big girl panties on and then wussed out. But since I'd also added the Audible whisper sync it jumped out at me today when I was looking for something to make adulting less painful.


And man was that a terrible choice. Because while I expected a somewhat angsty enemies to lovers book I did not expect to be crying like a baby for half of the book. So my adulting was a lot more half-arsed than intended and I spent the last few hours hiding in my room with my headphones.


Stone was a really hard read. I thought the dual point of view would have more Stone so I didn't really feel like I had a good grasp on where he was at. He had moments of possessiveness where I was sure he was completely invested. Then he would be walking away or just didn't seem to care and I would be wanting his point of view so badly. When we finally got it I was so excited and it was everything.


Dusty just broke my heart. She just could not catch a break and I completely understood her attempts at protecting herself. Her whole history was one thing after another but it did have moments of light. And watching Stone trying to bring that light to her, with her so firmly holding him at arms length made me like him more.


Those epilogues were great and I am so glad I picked this up today even if I did end up with red eyes.




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