Since it's well established I'm an idiot, I'll explain why I kinda ruined this book for myself by accident.  See I love Linda Kage and her Forbidden Men series is one of those series I often think about because it just hit perfectly when I read it. So I also can't re-read it, I just think about it dreamily. Look at the covers and smile, kinda creepily.


When the descendants started getting their own books I didn't realise it was kind of a series so I picked up one or two here and there, then I realised it was a series I had read completely out of order. I then promptly added them to my TBR to read in order and since the blurbs for them weren't working for me I just left it. But I got a craving for more so I grabbed Secrets That We Keep and loved it and figured I was all good to just continue. Then I started this book and realised it was set at basically the same time as Every Time My Heart Breaks and realised I knew what was coming.


I spent half of the book trying to match up timelines in my head from what I remembered from a few months ago when I read it. And I drove myself a little nuts worrying about when and how things were going to play out from this side of the story. Then when it did hit I realised how much I had over built it in my head. Because I was still thinking about it from the other side of the story and from this side it was a lot less impactful to the actual story. Plus I knew how it ended so I wasn't hit with the oh god where is this going next?


What I did get was the sweetness and the love and support from Vaughn and Lucy and I just loved them. They had so much to overcome but they did it with grace and compassion and communication and it just made them super relatable and likeable.


I'm so glad I finally picked this book up. I just really wish I had read it in order. Oh well like we know, I'm an idiot.




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