I haven't read any of the other second-generation novels. Not because I don't want to, but it's been a decade since I fell in love with the OG crew, and I feel like I need to reread them all first. But I just can't, so I'm in this weird limbo with the series and for some reason this one jumped out and claimed to be a standalone and I had to read it.


I literally can't even tell you why this one grabbed me. It's kind of second chance but then also not really. And I feel like not having read the earlier book with Ry I was missing some back story. But then I haven't read it so maybe there isn't anything missing and it’s just my FOMO kicking in. 


I don't actually know how I feel about the book. I went back and forth on Aston and her history with Zowen. But being that it is history prior to the book I felt wrong for judging her on it. Learning who you are is tricky and at no time did she play any games with Zowen, so I think I ended up getting over it. Whereas everything about Zowen just made me love him. He had been through so much and despite him being closed off initially it was entirely understandable. 


There was so much else going on around the couple and with them that I don’t know how they didn’t end up crying in a little ball. But the character growth along with the relationship growth was great and I ended up wishing I could just jump into all of the second gen now and find out all the things about them all and see more of my beloved OG characters all grown up and living their happily ever afters.





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