The worst part of being obsessed with an author and her work is having to wait for her to write the books. Especially when you have a goldfish memory, and the books are months apart because all I want to do is binge read the series, so I know how everyone fits together. But because I have read each of these books as they were released, I feel like I read this as a standalone.


Fallyn and her loss had me feeling so devastated for her. And I completely understood her anger towards Wolf. Until we got to know more of Wolf and see how entirely devoted and obsessed, he was with Fallyn. And seeing the loss from his side had an extra dose of devastation. 


But the history of Fallyn and Wolf was so sweet and beautiful. I loved seeing them fall in love all over again with the history between them and the misunderstandings cleared up. I was so glad that they were cleared up quickly and easily and we got so much of Fallyn and Wolf together.


The chemistry between them was off the charts and with the way Wolf spoke and acted I wasn't expecting the little twist. But it was cake on top of cake. Dirty talking, jealous, protective, possessive, obsessive, tattooed, growling hockey player. Yeah, I am glad I got to read it in private. 


I honestly didn't put this down for a minute from the first time I opened it. Wolf is a hero that's going to be living rent free in my head for a while. Oh, and the bonus epilogue was so sweet. I loved it. Now I'm dying to read the next one, even though I know by the time I get my hands on it I won't remember a thing. That teaser was like catnip.


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