This author is fairly new to me, in fact I think I have only read one other book and I loved it. So, when I was having a minor book slump and saw this on KU I figured I'd jump in. And I am kind of struggling on how to review and rate it. Because I don't know if my issues were my attitude and attention or the actual story and characters.


Firstly, the premise was great and right up my alley. I love the whole damaged, loner going all out to win over the single mum. Especially when he has to work and grovel a little to make up for his initial gruffness or stupid mistakes. I also love a Mumma bear who's super protective of her baby. And I got bits and pieces of that but not enough to really win me over.


One thing I know was a me problem was that the leading lady was named Keegan and I know a man Keegan so every time I read Keegan, I was thinking masculine not feminine. Normally the name thing doesn't distract me as much as it did here. And I had moments where I liked Keegan, but she never really was as protective as her self-proclamations claimed. 


Ford would have been a great hero but his reasoning for being a loner was just a little weak. I think most of the planet has daddy issues and there didn't seem to be anything special about his except for his reaction to it. The return of his brother and the relationship between them felt like it was kind of under done. 


Overall, I just couldn't get invested enough in either character and I kept getting dragged out of the story. There were a lot of points I enjoyed and it's highly possible that if I read this at a better time, I probably would have overlooked all of the above.



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