Oh my god. I kind of hate Karla so hard right now. I spent about a quarter of this book either crying or trying not to cry. I don't know if we got a lot of Tim's story in Greer's book and I've just forgotten the emotions or if it's because time has passed or just that Cameron was closer to the situation but Jesus, it gutted me.


I kind of read the blurb and in my head, I was getting a cute little rom com with a fish out of water twist. But literally nothing from Ivy was what I expected. Her emotions were so visceral, and I felt them with her. Everything about the Wilder family is so perfect and beautiful despite the fact that they are all flawed, normal human beings going through this tragic event. And coming from a background where that's foreign, I completely understood her culture shock.


Not a single thing in this book played out like I anticipated. And I spent so much time in my feels while reading it. But it was beautiful and touching and real, and I couldn't put it down. I have so many hopes for the future siblings, and I love seeing the characters I've met through earlier books. But for today I'm going to angry wash my dishes and curse Karla's name.




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