OMG We got an arc from Tessa Bailey

I Love this series.Every single one of the books has been great. And I actually think they just keep getting better as they go.

In fact just seeing that Tessa wrote a new book makes me run screaming to lock myself in my bedroom alone for a few hours. Her leading ladies are great. Her leading men are perfect. I mean seriously what's not to love about a dirty talking, alpha cop hell bent on claiming the lady and saving the day?

The steam factor of each of these books will require several panty changes to get you through and if your home alone make sure you stock up on batteries before you start cause once your a few pages in you wont want to put it down for anything short of a deep breath.

Over all this series has been a must read. And if you haven't yet read them you need to right now. I seriously can't wait to see what Ms Baileys next series offers us. I can only hope they have half as much steam as this one.

Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega Series, #2)Enemy Mine by Aline Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok so this was my guilty pleasure for the week. I read a NA book and really needed an alpha male to blow out the cobwebs and these shifter books work every time.

I could have maybe done with a lot more sex but I have to admit if the intention of Aline was to have me obsess over Sadie and her young friend mission accomplished. I can't wait for the next book to see how Trey and the Beta (I forgot his name) go with the vampires as I love Sadie.

Now I need a Tara approved Bam Bam book to really get me back on track.

This book is one of pure joy and love. 
As soon as I saw the blurb for it I knew I would have to read it as soon as I got my dirty little hands on it and I was so not disappointed. I honestly think everyone around me was considering having me committed after I spent the day hysterically laughing at my kobo and muttering to myself.

So if you have read the blurb you know the basis of the book is that done with dating the losers who are local, mother and daughter set off on a road trip to find the perfect Kristen Ashley Alpha males. They sit down and come up with an alphabetized list of traits they feel embody the perfect KA alpha. As a KA fan I have to admit this alone had me half sold on the book. I mean how can you go wrong if your looking for a man like any one of KA's alphas?

The relationship between Haley and her mum was awesome I can only hope as my daughter matures we can stay that close and I love that the brother was as well written as everyone else even if he did only have a few brief telephone appearances.

I had such a hard time finding the right picture for my idea of Haley as I kept getting hung up on her crazy, unique, strong, wonderful character and I kept coming back to actresses I know who had similar traits so althought I don't think she would look like Jennifer Lawrence that was who I was thinking of as her personality as I read the book. She was the sort of girl I would say to my teenage daughter see how she is just nuts and doesn't care or apologise, I hope you grow up to have her strength of character.

 There were so many points in this book I laughed out loud and got finger cramps highlighting that it's hard to explain what I loved about this book without just saying EVERYTHING I loved EVERYTHING but I think this gif is probably the best place to start.

Ok I don't want to give away any of the story so I am not going to tell you about Tim McGraw or Danny or how amazing the road trip ws but we all need a little eye candy to help us so I will include this picture of Dano (your welcome) enjoy.

 So needless to say I loved this book it wasn't my normal smutty read but it didn't lose any points for that mainly because I was too busy laughing my ass off at everything that came out of Haley's mouth. You absolutely have to go read it now with a glass (ok ok a bottle) of wine.

Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy, #1)Night Owl by M. Pierce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok I admit it, I only read this book as the GR updates showed a heap of my friends loving it and posting reviews of some of the amazing smutty things Matt said to his little bird and I just cant stay away from a man with a mouth like that.

I know a few of you will find me twisted but hey smack me on the ass and call me your slut and I am wet sorry women's lib but I need my bra's to hold my boobs up so I guess I can't go to your protest and burn them today plus I have to stay home and do whatever my husband tells me. Alright so maybe I can't quite pull off the poor little housewife thing but I get spanked for trying right?

I love that this story just jumped right into the good bits. We got the brief background of how they know each other and then bam the action started. The dual P.O.V. is something I love in a book and seeing into Matt's mind was great. And the fact that there was an amazing, intriguing story that was as strong as the smut and sex scenes makes this one of my top 5 books of all time.

As soon as I started this book I was in my happy place. I think I managed a quick mail to the girls to get them on it then I was locked in my room having multiple bookgasms until that wasn't enough and I had to put the book down to go jump my husband. So if you get a random gift from a guy named Matt M. Pierce don't panic it's just my husband showing his appreciation :)

There was just soooo much I loved about this book I am seriously struggling to write a review thats not just all gushing fangirl. It has been more than a week since I read it and my mind is still stuck on OMG OMG OMG OMG.So I guess I will just sum it up with

Look I will even help here's the link get to it

Welcome to Sugartown (Sugartown, #1)Welcome to Sugartown by Carmen Jenner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Welcome to Sugartown was not what I expected when I read the blurb. To be honest I was expecting something a little bit sickeningly sweet with a young adult twist but OMG was I wrong. And I loved it. There were moments of sweet for sure but those were interspersed with plenty of dark and had my heart on a roller coaster.

The writing was perfect. And I have to say as an Aussie it was nice to read a book that felt 100% Australian. I know your all wondering what the hell I mean by that but even though we are pretty Americanized we do tend to talk a little differently and maybe most people wouldn’t notice but it was one of the first things that absolutely dragged me in with this book.

Elijah especially was such an Aussie bloke I couldn’t not love him. I mean there were moments there I could see my husband saying the same shit. And even though there were so many times I wanted Ana to kick Elijah in the junk and run screaming I am so glad she didn’t.

This book had absolutely everything without it being too much. There were moments when I would maybe think “geez wtf now?” but then I would have to see exactly how it was going to play out and how Ana was going to come through it.

The supporting characters were great and I absolutely loved her best friend to the extreme. I think we all have a friend who is a little like her and I am hoping that the next installment will be her book as I am too nervous to think of the trials and tribulations that could be in front of Ana and Elijah and just pray they get a happily ever after sooner rather than later.

Anyway what can I say but Welcome to Sugartown. I hope you enjoy the stay .

Mine (Real, #2)Mine by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK I am going to assume that if you’re looking at this book
you fell as hard as the rest of us did for Remy and couldn’t wait to pick this
up and dive back in and spend more time with the amazing King of the Jungle.
And in that case why the hell are you reading this and not already nose deep in
the book? Seriously, run and get the freaking book.

As soon as I received this ARC I literally dropped
everything (husband and kids dinner included) and locked myself in the bath. I
had a thousand little notes and highlights when I forced myself to put it down
at 50% to go to bed. As soon as I woke up I was right back in it and from that
point on I forgot to highlight and make notes or do anything but read it like
my next breath depended on it. But maybe it’s for the best as I really don’t
want you to hate me for ruining a second of this story for you.

So I will just share some of the bits that made me tingle the
most and try to express to you how much I love this series to date. And how desperate I am to read Remy and see
inside his beautiful, complex mind.

You know when you fall in major love with a book and are so
besotted with a character that every time you think of it you can’t help but
smile and spend a few minutes thinking about them and you know that no matter
what the next book can never compare. Well I put this on my TBR shelf in April
and when I first opened it to read I was so scared that this book would make me
love Remy a little less or maybe he would do something that would upset me or
the story would disappoint in any one of a million possible ways. But it was
like I had never put down Real and had just turned that last page to find
another half of the story there waiting.

Remy was the same growling, possessive, licking, scenting
alpha male I loved in the first book. There is nothing I can say to express my
absolute obsession with this character. Just the mention of his name turns me
into a 16 year old fan girl with wet panties. And although the panties are kinda
par for course with my reading choices the fan girling makes me a little
sickened and embarrassed but hell it’s REMY people. If you don’t get it you
haven’t met him yet and in that case you honestly need to drop everything and
jump on the bandwagon.

Bottom line this was the perfect sequel for me. And if you
lust him as hard as I do we should be besties and discuss how awesome he is at
every opportunity. If you haven’t met him yet you’re in for a treat cause this
man really is the king of the ring.

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