Mine (Real, #2)Mine by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK I am going to assume that if you’re looking at this book
you fell as hard as the rest of us did for Remy and couldn’t wait to pick this
up and dive back in and spend more time with the amazing King of the Jungle.
And in that case why the hell are you reading this and not already nose deep in
the book? Seriously, run and get the freaking book.

As soon as I received this ARC I literally dropped
everything (husband and kids dinner included) and locked myself in the bath. I
had a thousand little notes and highlights when I forced myself to put it down
at 50% to go to bed. As soon as I woke up I was right back in it and from that
point on I forgot to highlight and make notes or do anything but read it like
my next breath depended on it. But maybe it’s for the best as I really don’t
want you to hate me for ruining a second of this story for you.

So I will just share some of the bits that made me tingle the
most and try to express to you how much I love this series to date. And how desperate I am to read Remy and see
inside his beautiful, complex mind.

You know when you fall in major love with a book and are so
besotted with a character that every time you think of it you can’t help but
smile and spend a few minutes thinking about them and you know that no matter
what the next book can never compare. Well I put this on my TBR shelf in April
and when I first opened it to read I was so scared that this book would make me
love Remy a little less or maybe he would do something that would upset me or
the story would disappoint in any one of a million possible ways. But it was
like I had never put down Real and had just turned that last page to find
another half of the story there waiting.

Remy was the same growling, possessive, licking, scenting
alpha male I loved in the first book. There is nothing I can say to express my
absolute obsession with this character. Just the mention of his name turns me
into a 16 year old fan girl with wet panties. And although the panties are kinda
par for course with my reading choices the fan girling makes me a little
sickened and embarrassed but hell it’s REMY people. If you don’t get it you
haven’t met him yet and in that case you honestly need to drop everything and
jump on the bandwagon.

Bottom line this was the perfect sequel for me. And if you
lust him as hard as I do we should be besties and discuss how awesome he is at
every opportunity. If you haven’t met him yet you’re in for a treat cause this
man really is the king of the ring.


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