That's my heart breaking into a million pieces and being put back together by a book that shows countless amounts of love, courage and devotion.

This was one of those books that reading the blurb I just knew would have me in tears so I put it off then I read all the amazing reviews that had been written for it and I had to read it.

I am so glad I did. I honestly haven't read a book that kept me as emotionally involved since Hopeless. And I know it will be another 9 months or more before another one comes along that I will say "Wow I haven't read a book that touch me as a person so much since Making Faces." I laughed constantly while reading this. I felt every emotion but I walked away from this book feeling pure joy at having read such a beautiful story and being able to share it was awesome.

To say I loved it is an understatement. From the second I started I was on a complete roller coaster of emotions.  I fell in love with Fern for a na├»ve minister’s daughter she was such a strong character and the love she and Bailey shared was probably as important to me as the love between her and Ambrose.

But watching her fan girl over Ambrose I was so scared that he wouldn’t be anywhere near enough for what she deserved just for being her.

“Ambrose Young. Super-star, stud-muffin. Like an actor. I don’t call Tom Cruise by his first name either. I call him Tom Cruise. Will Smith, Bruce Willis. For me, you have always been in that league.”

Don’t get me wrong I loved him from the start but then how could you not when you see him through Fern’s rose coloured glasses. And he had moments of absolute super stardom but Fern was such an amazing person inside and out that she deserved to have the absolute worship of Hercules.

All in all this is a book that will be with me forever and if you are reading this review wondering if you should read the book.
Don’t add it to your TBR list to come back to later, buy it right now and start reading. Buy it for a friend so you can read it together and you can send me chocolates later to thank me. Or wine, I like wine too :)


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