Title: The Anti-Boyfriend
Author: Penelope Ward
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 31, 2020


From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone novel.

At first, my neighbor Deacon frustrated me.

Sure, he was great-looking and friendly.

But our walls were thin, and on occasion, he’d bring women to his place and keep me awake while he “entertained” them.

As a single mother to an infant, I didn’t appreciate it.

So, finally it was my turn.

When my daughter wouldn’t stop wailing one night, Mr. Manwhore came knocking on my door.

Miraculously, at the sound of his voice, Sunny stopped crying. And when he held her…she eventually fell asleep in his arms.

Deacon was rough on the exterior, but apparently on the inside? Mr. Single-and-Ready-to-Mingle was a baby whisperer.

After that night, we became friends.

He’d go for coffee runs. Come over to chat. Normal friend stuff.

But over time, our conversations ran deeper. We got closer.

Until one night we crossed the line.

Our friendship turned into a complicated mess.

I’d gone and fallen for a guy who’d sworn off commitment and kids.

I knew Deacon was starting to care for me too, even though Sunny and I didn’t fit into any plan he’d ever imagined for himself.

He was wrong for me—so wrong that I’d dubbed him the “anti-boyfriend.”

Then why did I wish more than anything that I could be the one woman to change him?

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Author Bio

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism.

With over two million books sold, she is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels. Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world.

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Title: The Cinderella Secret

Series: The Devereaux Legacy

Author: Bethany Maines

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Day: October 19, 2020

Cover Designer: LILT Design

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Aidan Deveraux has secrets. His secrets could get her killed.

Aiden Deveraux is a hot-shot lawyer with a secret identity—the mask wearing street-fighter named Number Nine. But when his family's company is threatened, Aiden faces his toughest opponent yet, the brilliant and gorgeous Ella Zhao. Ella is in New York to bring down the people to blame for her father's death—the Deveraux family—and she's not about to let some Prince Charming lawyer like Aiden stop her. But as Aiden and Ella scramble to uncover the past that no one, including their own families, wants revealed, they find themselves running from a murderer who knows the Deveraux and Zhao all too well. With their hearts, lives, and millions of dollars on the line, Aiden and Ella may have to trust each other with their secrets if they want to make it out of this fight alive.

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Bethany Maines, a native of Tacoma WA, is the award-winning author of romantic action-adventure tales that focus on women who know when to apply lipstick and when to apply a foot to someone’s hind end. When she’s not traveling to exotic lands, or kicking some serious butt with her black belt in karate, she can be found chasing after her daughter, or glued to the computer working on her next novel. You can also catch up with her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and BookBub.

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Having read the prequel to this series and jumping straight into this one I really felt so well set up on who the Riggins brothers were. So when I started reading this book I already felt like I knew a little bit of Royce’s story and I was so ready to hear more of it. Because what the previous book had set up was one hell of a teaser as to the details of what had happened and they hadn’t been told in Royce’s POV so I was dying to see what had happened through his eyes.

From the first page I was a massive fan of Sawyer. She was a genuine person with no pretense and I really appreciated her for it. I loved that she wasn’t intimidated by the brothers once she got over their initial hotness. And I really loved that she didn’t play any games with Royce. She knew she wanted to explore their chemistry but she didn’t want to do it rashly and I appreciated that she thought out the consequences without just being swept along in the chemistry and strength of character that Royce possessed.

Because let me tell you the chemistry was strong with this one. I could feel it crackling from the first meeting, right along with the curiosity they each had with each other. I felt their connection aside from just the chemistry as well and I was really invested in their relationship.

I also love that we got a fair bit of all the brothers and their parents and that the family was so close and solidly there for each other. Not only do I feel like the next books are already really set up and I am dying to read them but I also am madly in love with their friends who have played a major part in the story.

I am so excited to see this new series develop and I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on the next one.


I love Kaylee Ryan but I haven't had the chance to read her earlier books yet. I have them on my TBR mountain but it's the same old story too many books not enough time. So I have only really read her new books as they have released. And naturally when I saw the sign up for layer by layer I jumped on it.


I was so excited to receive this prequel to the new series. But now I am really wishing I could have read her other books first because I've just realised that a few (?) of the secondary characters cross over from her soul serenade series and I adore when that happens. It feels like an inside story I'm apart of, except right now I'm not and I so want to be one of the cool kids. Oh well guess I should just be excited at how awesome the start to this new series is and how much I can't wait to read the next book.


Because if the characters are anything like Jase and Sam I am going to freaking love it. This book has all the feels of insta love since it's a fairly short novella, except that we have the background info that Jase gas pursued Sam for quite some time. But damn does that man give amazing chase and even better boyfriend. I love him.


And this has been the perfect little intro to the main series as it's given a great set up on who all the Riggin's brothers are. And a bit of background info on each of them being that Sam works for them and Jase has been close with them forever.


Title: The Wrong Cowboy (Granite Junction Book 1)  

Author: Megan Ryder 

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Western, Cowboy Romance

Release Date: August 26, 2020

Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC. 




Graduate from college? Check.

Land a school counselor job? Check.

Seduce her forever crush? Epic fail!

The sexy rancher is clearly not interested in long-term. In fact, he’s not interested, period. But Emma is determined to change his mind until his cousin, Gabe Buchanan, puts a definite crimp in her perfect plans.

Gabe has come to help his cousin with work around the ranch while struggling to unravel his next book plot. The last thing the he expected was to find literary inspiration in the curvaceous cowgirl pining over his cousin. Determined to prove he is the right match for her, he devises a plan to win Emma’s heart.

As much as Emma wants her childhood crush to finally take notice, she can’t help but be intrigued by sizzling hot and funny Gabe. When he asks her out, she can’t say no. Besides, it’s just a friendly dinner. No big deal. Yet when the lines between casual and interested blur, neither can deny the chemistry between them.

Can Gabe fill every box on Emma’s checklist and give her what she needs the most? His heart and a future together?





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“He’s a handsome devil, isn’t he?”

A low voice drawled from the back end of the car and she yanked her hand away as if it’d been scorched. She scowled at Gabe, who leaned against the bed of her truck, one ankle crossed in front of the other, arms folded across his chest as he smirked at her. Cam must have put him to work today, since it appeared he had just showered. His sandy brown hair was damp where it curled around the nape of his neck and up under his hat. His plaid shirt was clean, his jeans, worn and comfortable-looking, frayed along the seams, as if they were old. And damned if he didn’t look even better than he had in his fancy, city clothes that morning.

She folded her arms and glared. “I thought all cars are women. Temperamental and something to be taken care of.”

He pushed off the end of the truck and sauntered toward her. “That’s a very old-fashioned view of women, Emma. First off, women don’t need to be taken care of. My momma taught me that they can handle most anything thrown at them, possibly better than men, and I listen to my momma. Second, I believe in equality. A car can be male or female, and trust me. This beast is all male.”

She sucked in a breath and narrowed her gaze. He was going to school her on feminism? “I don’t need a lecture on women’s rights, Gabe Buchanan. Because this car is tough, it must be male?”

Gabe’s smile never wavered. He leaned forward as if imparting a secret, his breath teasing her ear. She shivered. “Nope. I checked under the chassis. He’s male.”

He stepped back, his laughter ringing out around them. Her eyes widened and she was about to give him a blistering reply when she paused, realized he was teasing her. She relaxed and laughed with him. “Do you take anything seriously?

He cocked his head, considering her words for a moment. “My momma, because she scares me. The IRS, for the same reason. God, because I’m hedging my bets there. And my family. Other than that, probably not.”

She shook her head and turned to the cab of her truck. “I don’t think I’d better take anything you say seriously.”

He rested a hand on the frame of the truck, right above her head. “You want to go for a spin? He handles real nice. If you’re good, I might even let you drive him.”

“And how do you define nice?” She tensed, waiting for a smarmy come-on.

He must have correctly interpreted her body language because he straightened and his tone, when he spoke, was serious for once. “It’s simple. Kind words, respect, maybe a little flirting. Nothing else. Anyone who asks for anything else is an asshole.”

Ever since Megan Ryder discovered Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught while sneaking around the “forbidden” romance section of the library one day after school, she has been voraciously devouring romance novels of all types. Now a romance author in her own right, Megan pens sexy contemporary novels all about family and hot lovin’ with the boy next door. She lives in Connecticut, spending her days as a technical writer and her spare time divided between her addiction to knitting and reading.



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