It feels like a lifetime ago that I picked up the first Flight and Glory series and fell in love with Rebecca Yarros's writing. And I have read every book as she has written them. She is right at the top of my one click authors list.  But for some weird, me, reason I wasn't able to read Hallowed Ground. It had been so long since I had read the first book and I felt like I would need to do a series re-read and I just haven't had the emotional fortitude or alone time to do it.

But when I found out this one was being released and I ascertained it could be read as a standalone I was all in. And a stay in a 5 star resort with no kids and a few cocktails absolutely helped. First I need to say that I adore Rebecca Yarros, I truly believe that there isn't another author who gives every word the weight she does. But oh my god does it take her long enough to write them. Seriously. Although, now I need to do a series re-read because I HAVE to read Hallowed Ground even though I am already destroyed from the events that occurred in it to form this one.

I guess for now I should actually address Morgan and Jackson and how absolute beautiful, painful, devastating and awe inspiring their story was. I am lying here at 4am after not having been able to put the book down from the second I started it. The book gave me all the feels and then some. I am still feeling Morgan's pain and the strength it took to put herself back together. Jackson was beyond perfect.

The whole story was amazing and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read it when I could lie in bed sobbing like a baby with no distractions. And now I have to try get some sleep with a book hangover I'm going to be feeling for days. This book is one of my 2020 favourite reads but I highly recommend going in with a full box of tissues and an emotional support animal.


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