Title: Knock Out
Series: Beautiful Boxers #1
Author: Willow James
Genre: Sweet & Steamy Short Romance
Release Date: August 25, 2020


An Alpha Man, Curvy Woman Instalove Romance.

Brodie King has only one goal - doing whatever it takes to become a pro boxer. The last thing he wants is to find his mind and body derailed by a luscious, shy librarian. Now all he can think about is coaxing her to come out of her shell and how he's going to make her his.

Humiliated by the only man she ever let into her bed, Tabitha Simms took the job in Walton, MA, determined to play it safe and accept her life as a lonely, quiet librarian. She doesn't count on Brodie, a tattooed, possessive boxer interrupting her life and bringing out a side of her she never knew.

Knock Out is a sweet, steamy romance and is the first short read in the Beautiful Boxers Series. If you love possessive, alpha men, curvy women, hot love scenes, and instalove all wrapped up in a sweet, sexy story then grab a glass of wine and curl up in your favorite spot, because this one is for you.

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Brodie looked down at the kitten as it started licking his thumb, its rough tongue rasping over his skin.
“What’s its name?” Brodie managed to keep his voice even. His pull to this woman was something else. He came on this job to make a few extra bucks before his big fight on Saturday, and hopefully, it was one of his last construction gigs. Boxing was his life, and working all day interfered with his training regimen.
It also meant he didn’t really have time for a distraction like Tabitha, but he was finding her damn near impossible to resist.
“Max, or more likely, Fur-Ball of Destruction.” She cooed a little and rubbed a finger on the kitten’s ear. “My favorite sweater is now the lining of his bed,” she pointed into the box and he saw a soft, white material there, laid in like a nest for the little guy to sleep in. “I’ve only had him two days, and it seems like he’s already destroyed half of my apartment.”
He chuckled at that, “Just like a bad boy, eh?” He nuzzled the kitten and gave her a wink that made the blush rise up the creamy skin of her chest again. This time it continued over her neck and into her cheeks. He could get used to seeing that.

Author Bio

For readers seeking sexy romance short stories, filled with alpha men and curvy women, and a guaranteed happily ever after, Willow James delivers. So, if you're looking to escape with hot, steamy romance novels or novellas that deliver yummy vibes and oodles delight, Willow's work may be just what your psyche ordered.

Willow James loves reading books that help balance the hard things in life, bringing laughter, smiles, joy and hope. And, of course, happy endings are not optional!

She devours books by Shannon Stacey and Jill Shalvis, among many others, and is always on the lookout for young adult series like The Princess Diaries and Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging. Books to make her laugh and indulge her romantic and forever optimistic spirit. She aspires to provide some of the same joy and pleasure those authors and books deliver every day.

Living in upstate New York, Willow loves spending time with her two dogs (let's be realistic, she spends ALL her time with her two dogs), being in nature, and finding the miraculous in the mundane.

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