Having been struggling to read recently I decided just to pick a book at random from the hundreds on my kindle and I started it with some trepidation. Not over the book, but over my ability to get my head in it. And to be honest it did take me  a bit to get into the story. 

Initially I wasn't a huge fan of Duncan's, but as the story progressed I got over my issues. I mean he was young, rich and single, why the hell wouldn't he take the opportunities afforded to him? And I liked that he was open and upfront about his life with Kimbra, even when it wasn't particularly comfortable to do so.

Kimbra was a pretty good heroine herself. She didn't judge Duncan for his life, even when she was confronted by it. She also never played coy or pretended to think or feel anything other than what she was thinking and she explained it without playing games. 

Duncan going all out to show Kimbra how he felt and not making any promises or saying anything he didn't mean to get what he wanted just made him even more endearing to me. The chemistry was hot, the banter was funny and the whole book just felt light and fun.

I enjoyed the read and I am so glad that this was the random book that I picked up.


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