Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!! If you're like me and fell in love with Helena Hunting and her Pucked series you know she can write some seriously funny shit. She also writes some of the best characters. And I love her for both of those things. I know when I pick up one of her books, I'm going to get quirky, unique, real people who make me laugh out loud and feel all their emotions while I get lost in their world.

So Kiss my Cupcake was a long way from Pucked but it was just as awesome. Even without the hockey hotties and beavers and such. Because it had Blaire and Ronan and all kinds of awesomeness. Honestly, I don't know what to tell you except read this right now.

Blaire was just gah. She was unique and sweet and different and driven and just so damn relatable. From the first page I was obsessed with her. And her meeting with Ronan just made me love her more. They had such chemistry and their relationship developed so organically I felt like I was right there with them every step.

Ronan was awesome and the dynamic of their relationship was perfect. From the minute I picked this up to the last page I was so engrossed. I just could not get enough of them or their businesses or the secondary characters or any of it. One of my best reads this year.




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