I am really enjoying this series so much but every now and then I feel a little bit left out. I just know that if I had read the previous series that Lani Lynn Vale has written I would have more background info on some of these characters. Not that I still don't love everything about these books reading them without that knowledge just I know that there's a level I'm missing.

Although with my goldfish memory I probably wouldn't remember most of it and would only get a few random ah huh moments. So, I guess long story short I love that I know I have all these extra stories I can read when I get to the end of this series.

Adam and Amelia's story was instant attraction despite the fact that they had so much in common and so many family and friend over laps. And I felt their chemistry from the first meet cute. Because that was a seriously, unique, meet cute.

As all the characters in the series Amelia was strong, sweet, and very self-sufficient with an awesome family. In fact, her family is the reason I wish I'd read the earlier books, I loved them and want to know more. Adam was so awesome. He knew how he felt and what he wanted, and he was all in.

I am so glad I finally started reading this author. And I am dreading how quickly these calendar pages seem to be turning.


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