It's no secret that if Aurora writes it I will one click it. And that goes twice for any of her Until series. Those Mayson’s make mortal men look like boys with their alpha protectiveness and over the top family values. Add the BOOM family curse and them instantly knowing that they have met the love of their life and I'm in heaven.


Naturally Talon was the perfect Mayson man and I fell in love with him immediately. And Mia was more than worthy as his BOOM. Mia was all things loving and sweet while still being strong and protective. She really does fit in with the Mason ladies, well she will once she gets a little alcohol tolerance.


I think Bax summed it up best when he said a Mason meeting his BOOM was a cause for concern. Since that is when the killings, kidnapping and craziness ensues. And I had a feeling I knew what this couple’s craziness was going to be and I was only the tiniest bit right. It had me guessing until the end.


Naturally, I couldn't put it down once I started. And I love that it is everything that I wanted from Aurora. The awesome family, the pets, the craziness and the catch ups with old family members and the teasers for the next one. If only aurora could write faster, because I think Bax sounds like he is going to be everything we could want and more.


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