Having read the prequel to this series and jumping straight into this one I really felt so well set up on who the Riggins brothers were. So when I started reading this book I already felt like I knew a little bit of Royce’s story and I was so ready to hear more of it. Because what the previous book had set up was one hell of a teaser as to the details of what had happened and they hadn’t been told in Royce’s POV so I was dying to see what had happened through his eyes.

From the first page I was a massive fan of Sawyer. She was a genuine person with no pretense and I really appreciated her for it. I loved that she wasn’t intimidated by the brothers once she got over their initial hotness. And I really loved that she didn’t play any games with Royce. She knew she wanted to explore their chemistry but she didn’t want to do it rashly and I appreciated that she thought out the consequences without just being swept along in the chemistry and strength of character that Royce possessed.

Because let me tell you the chemistry was strong with this one. I could feel it crackling from the first meeting, right along with the curiosity they each had with each other. I felt their connection aside from just the chemistry as well and I was really invested in their relationship.

I also love that we got a fair bit of all the brothers and their parents and that the family was so close and solidly there for each other. Not only do I feel like the next books are already really set up and I am dying to read them but I also am madly in love with their friends who have played a major part in the story.

I am so excited to see this new series develop and I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on the next one.


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