I love Kaylee Ryan but I haven't had the chance to read her earlier books yet. I have them on my TBR mountain but it's the same old story too many books not enough time. So I have only really read her new books as they have released. And naturally when I saw the sign up for layer by layer I jumped on it.


I was so excited to receive this prequel to the new series. But now I am really wishing I could have read her other books first because I've just realised that a few (?) of the secondary characters cross over from her soul serenade series and I adore when that happens. It feels like an inside story I'm apart of, except right now I'm not and I so want to be one of the cool kids. Oh well guess I should just be excited at how awesome the start to this new series is and how much I can't wait to read the next book.


Because if the characters are anything like Jase and Sam I am going to freaking love it. This book has all the feels of insta love since it's a fairly short novella, except that we have the background info that Jase gas pursued Sam for quite some time. But damn does that man give amazing chase and even better boyfriend. I love him.


And this has been the perfect little intro to the main series as it's given a great set up on who all the Riggin's brothers are. And a bit of background info on each of them being that Sam works for them and Jase has been close with them forever.



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