5 Holy Shit Stars

I started this book off in a book funk and as I read it I was scared my funk would make me not appreciate it as much as I expected to after all the amazing reviews on it I had read. Then I realised I had half the book hilighted and I was only at 65% so I forgot my book funk but I read on with knots in my stomach and a whole heap of fear.

I knew it was going to break my heart. I knew I was going to cry ugly tears and have my kids roll their eyes and pass me tissues.

Then I drove away from my sons football training and left my much loved kobo that never left my hand at the oval with all my highlights and notes. I finished dinner went to my handbag to get said kobo and my heart stopped. I screamed "holy fuck I left it at the oval" and I am heartened to say my whole family mobilised. lol. So there I was driving the streets in the middle of the night with my wonderful husband chanting its ok babe dont panic you can buy a new one its not even 12 hours until the shops open. I swear half that neighbourhood probably thought banshees where attacking when I screamed that it was my notes I needed.

So needless to say I was at the shop before it opened abusing random strangers until I went home with a new one and redownloaded Fighting Silence and found out what happened to the amazing Till and Eliza and Quarry and Flint. But it's ok I can breathe now.

And now I can tell you that yes this book will break your heart and it will have you crying ugly tears and have your teenage children judge you for crying over fictional characters but OMG it was worth every tear. And I will be anxiously awaiting Flints book which is next. This book is one I will remember and one I will recommend to everyone.

So go read it right now. Seriously.

4 K.A. Kisses

So right before I read this book I read a somewhat negative review from a GR reviewer I really love on a recent KA book I really loved where she basically pointed out her ire over the KA things that she feels are always prevalent in her work. And I as a very hard core KA fan sat back and found myself nodding my head and agreeing with every one of her points. So as I read this book every time one of these aforementioned flaws came up I kinda ended up doing little mental nods and maybe lost a teeny tiny bit of the story.

So then I guess that leads us to ask why a 4 and why mention it if I still obviously love the books but am bitching about the similarities and Idk maybe KAish formula would be the best way to describe it and I have to admit that when I was trying to explain it to my poor, long suffering, non book reading husband I realised that was part and parcel of why I so strongly love KA books.
The heroes are all almost transferable and they all do speak the same and they all have the “Babe” down pat but you know what I fucking love those men. And the only time it’s really ever been an issue for me that they are all so similar was when I was reading this book consciously thinking about it as I went into it and when I went on a KA bender and read the entire Unfinished Heroes series in a row. 

I love that her novels are real. They argue about money and exes and small insignificant miscommunications as small insignificant miscommunications. They apologise when they fuck up. They fit life in around work and kids and friends and sometimes the phone rings or the doorbell goes right as your about to finish and you grit your teeth and answer the fucking thing.

There’s no big dramas over small shit or small dramas over big shit. There’s no perfect virgins and heroes who don’t have work and a need to look after their families.

The women are all women I can relate to who I would love to have a wine with and the men are all men I could see my husband having a beer with at the footy.

All that said this book was the same but different. There were things I didn’t like and things I saw that I felt didn’t work with the characters but overall I loved it cause it was written by KA and her books make me happy and horny and I love her characters and stories and when I re-read this again in a few months I will endeavour to try tell you why more specifically to this story. Maybe.

But then again if your looking to start reading this book you probably don’t need me to tell you shit cause you already know kinda what your going to get when you pick up a KA book and the rest you got from the blurb so I guess the question is why are you reading this review and not already nose deep in Soaring?

3.5 Musical Stars

I Love, Love, Love this series but I have to confess that by the time I read this one I did have trouble remembering who all the characters where which, as I am a complete pain in the arse meant I spent more time trying to remember why the names were familiar and who they were in relation to everyone else that it took away a bit from this story. With that said it isn’t the fault of Isla in the slightest it is solely due to the fact I have goldfish brain from reading so many books. The plus side to this was it felt like a standalone and tbh I much prefer those due to said goldfish brain.

Now that you all know I am special I guess I can get on with an actual review.

Isla had me hook line and sinker from her first book. She writes crazy, possessive alpha men who are complete arseholes and give the female leads whiplash with how hot and cold they run and give me wet panties cause for some bizarre reason I can’t get enough of them. And of course Sebastian lived up to his predecessors.

The blurb for this book really lets poor V down I have to say. I was expecting her to be annoying as fuck but instead she was the character that had me gripped. She was the twisted character and I felt for her from the moment I met her.

Violet has lead a charmed life surrounded by fairy dust until it explodes, literally, on her 18th birthday.  Whereas Sebastian has struggled to pave a path to his current success and will do anything to build on his fame and get where he wants to go V just wants to find the willpower to not jump off a ledge.

They “meet” when Blonde guy moves in next door and hears Violin girl playing on her balcony and thus begins a nightly routine of him watching her every night and falling more and more under her spell. 

And of course Monster didn't hurt. Gotta love a man who loves his dog.

But of course the path to a New Adult romance can never run smoothly so we had the normal push and pull with a few twists and turns thrown in, mixed with a perfect amount of humour, sexual tension and perfect alpha growling.

I was seriously looking forward to the Briarcrest Reunion so I was very disappointed that wasn’t a major part of the story but I can only pray that we get spiders story next and get it there. And since I am such a massive fan of Spider’s I will be waiting with twitchy fingers to one click that book.

If you haven’t yet started this series you need to grab it today as it is the ultimate in Alphas for New Adult Romance.

5 Happy Rainbows

There isn’t a book in this series I haven’t loved so, as soon as this was released I one clicked and dove right in. Knowing how badly I lusted after Quinn I figured it couldn’t go wrong.

I have to admit there were a few times I wondered if I was setting myself up for that sick feeling I get when I know there is cheating and I am expecting heartbreak but then I would remember the few introductions we had previously gotten to whora and I knew that there was nothing Quinn could do that would ever make me love him less than I hated her.

And BAM right out of the gate I loved every inch of Zoey. She was just so sweet and innocent and selfless that I think the only thing sweeter would be a unicorn riding a rainbow.

I knew Linda couldn’t make Quinn a bad guy, it just isn’t in his makeup. But I was expecting lines to be crossed and people to be hurt. What I wasn’t expecting was the fact that Linda knows her audience so well and she knew exactly why we loved Quinn and exactly why we would know Zoey was perfect for him and would give us the angst and heartbreak and devastation in a way that only reinforced how perfect Quinn was and how absolutely amazing Zoey is. And honestly that’s shame on me because I know when Linda writes unicorn eggs hatch (and yes unicorn eggs are real I saw them on ebay for only a million dollars) 

As with the entire Forbidden series all our beloved characters were there and we got a bit more of their HEA and their day to day lives and fell more in love with all of them as we went. And now we even have a little more of the Ten background and a little more to love about Caroline and we only have to wait 3 weeks (I know it will feel like forever but after waiting literally a million years for this one I think I can make it ) for Ten and Caroline to begin. 

If your already a fan of this series there is no reason on earth not to already have this book read. And if you haven’t yet been introduced to the men of Forbidden then I honestly can’t endorse any other New Adult series more than this one. 

5  I’m motherfucking Batman’s

I can't believe this book nearly slipped passed my radar. I mean seriously I didn't even know it existed until just by chance I saw the cover on Goodreads and being the complete cover whore I am I clicked to see what it was about saw Jay McLean had written it, read the blurb and one clicked like a lunatic.

But honestly who can go passed a serial that has toy boys, humour, sex and batman?

Yeah I know it doesn't mention Batman in the blurb but holy shit am I gonna get wet every time I think about Batman or poison ivy. Sadly I can't tell you why but I can give you a few snips that have had me giggling all afternoon.

I can tell you that this first book was the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon. For a short novella type book it sure did pack a punch. It had me laughing from start to finish and is absolutely one of the best most uplifting, short reads I have had in a long time. And despite being under 100 pages it still held all the emotion and depth of character you would expect from Jay.

But honestly if you have an hour or two free grab this book and if you don't read it with a smile on your face i will personally refund you the tiny 98c purchase price after I figure out how to unfriend you, you humorless bastard.

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