3.5 Musical Stars

I Love, Love, Love this series but I have to confess that by the time I read this one I did have trouble remembering who all the characters where which, as I am a complete pain in the arse meant I spent more time trying to remember why the names were familiar and who they were in relation to everyone else that it took away a bit from this story. With that said it isn’t the fault of Isla in the slightest it is solely due to the fact I have goldfish brain from reading so many books. The plus side to this was it felt like a standalone and tbh I much prefer those due to said goldfish brain.

Now that you all know I am special I guess I can get on with an actual review.

Isla had me hook line and sinker from her first book. She writes crazy, possessive alpha men who are complete arseholes and give the female leads whiplash with how hot and cold they run and give me wet panties cause for some bizarre reason I can’t get enough of them. And of course Sebastian lived up to his predecessors.

The blurb for this book really lets poor V down I have to say. I was expecting her to be annoying as fuck but instead she was the character that had me gripped. She was the twisted character and I felt for her from the moment I met her.

Violet has lead a charmed life surrounded by fairy dust until it explodes, literally, on her 18th birthday.  Whereas Sebastian has struggled to pave a path to his current success and will do anything to build on his fame and get where he wants to go V just wants to find the willpower to not jump off a ledge.

They “meet” when Blonde guy moves in next door and hears Violin girl playing on her balcony and thus begins a nightly routine of him watching her every night and falling more and more under her spell. 

And of course Monster didn't hurt. Gotta love a man who loves his dog.

But of course the path to a New Adult romance can never run smoothly so we had the normal push and pull with a few twists and turns thrown in, mixed with a perfect amount of humour, sexual tension and perfect alpha growling.

I was seriously looking forward to the Briarcrest Reunion so I was very disappointed that wasn’t a major part of the story but I can only pray that we get spiders story next and get it there. And since I am such a massive fan of Spider’s I will be waiting with twitchy fingers to one click that book.

If you haven’t yet started this series you need to grab it today as it is the ultimate in Alphas for New Adult Romance.


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