5  I’m motherfucking Batman’s

I can't believe this book nearly slipped passed my radar. I mean seriously I didn't even know it existed until just by chance I saw the cover on Goodreads and being the complete cover whore I am I clicked to see what it was about saw Jay McLean had written it, read the blurb and one clicked like a lunatic.

But honestly who can go passed a serial that has toy boys, humour, sex and batman?

Yeah I know it doesn't mention Batman in the blurb but holy shit am I gonna get wet every time I think about Batman or poison ivy. Sadly I can't tell you why but I can give you a few snips that have had me giggling all afternoon.

I can tell you that this first book was the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon. For a short novella type book it sure did pack a punch. It had me laughing from start to finish and is absolutely one of the best most uplifting, short reads I have had in a long time. And despite being under 100 pages it still held all the emotion and depth of character you would expect from Jay.

But honestly if you have an hour or two free grab this book and if you don't read it with a smile on your face i will personally refund you the tiny 98c purchase price after I figure out how to unfriend you, you humorless bastard.


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