5 Happy Rainbows

There isn’t a book in this series I haven’t loved so, as soon as this was released I one clicked and dove right in. Knowing how badly I lusted after Quinn I figured it couldn’t go wrong.

I have to admit there were a few times I wondered if I was setting myself up for that sick feeling I get when I know there is cheating and I am expecting heartbreak but then I would remember the few introductions we had previously gotten to whora and I knew that there was nothing Quinn could do that would ever make me love him less than I hated her.

And BAM right out of the gate I loved every inch of Zoey. She was just so sweet and innocent and selfless that I think the only thing sweeter would be a unicorn riding a rainbow.

I knew Linda couldn’t make Quinn a bad guy, it just isn’t in his makeup. But I was expecting lines to be crossed and people to be hurt. What I wasn’t expecting was the fact that Linda knows her audience so well and she knew exactly why we loved Quinn and exactly why we would know Zoey was perfect for him and would give us the angst and heartbreak and devastation in a way that only reinforced how perfect Quinn was and how absolutely amazing Zoey is. And honestly that’s shame on me because I know when Linda writes unicorn eggs hatch (and yes unicorn eggs are real I saw them on ebay for only a million dollars) 

As with the entire Forbidden series all our beloved characters were there and we got a bit more of their HEA and their day to day lives and fell more in love with all of them as we went. And now we even have a little more of the Ten background and a little more to love about Caroline and we only have to wait 3 weeks (I know it will feel like forever but after waiting literally a million years for this one I think I can make it ) for Ten and Caroline to begin. 

If your already a fan of this series there is no reason on earth not to already have this book read. And if you haven’t yet been introduced to the men of Forbidden then I honestly can’t endorse any other New Adult series more than this one. 


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