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This was exactly what I needed to get over my long weekend hangover. You know that feeling you get when you have three days off, that you look forward to for a whole week, then you blink and realise it's over and you didn't get to do a single one of those lazy, relaxing fun things you had planned to do? And you kinda feel like you missed something because you were so busy? Or maybe that's just me having a pity party cause I had to wear clothes all weekend and barely got to read anything, which if I am honest was all I really had planned for the whole 3 days.

I just love everything I have read of Elle's so when I saw this on my Goodreads feed I started craving a little NA angst and I just had to dive in and I am very happy to say I was not disappointed. I couldn't put this book down. I will admit that the story line isn't exactly a new concept but the characters backgrounds and personalities and the secondary characters were perfect and I instantly fell in love with them all.

I am sure it's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I instantly fell for Garrett. He was cocky, sexy, arrogant and incredibly self assured. But the insta love I felt for Hannah was a surprise.

I was honestly expecting the perfect, nubile virgin that seems to be par for course in a lot of NA romance and although Hannah was sweet and somewhat innocent I am absolutely delighted she was also clever, smart witted and knew exactly what she wanted.

And from the first kiss the sparks flew

I did expect more angst and drama as the story played out, and I felt there were a few threads I would have liked to see pulled a bit harder but overall it was an entertaining, funny, emotional story that I am so glad I picked up. There were a lot of LOL moments in this book which I suppose I should have expected as I have a crush on Elle and her sense of humour and I seriously need to read more of her work.

Now I just have to wait and obsess over the next book in the series and cross my fingers that we are going to get the story of another one of the supporting characters with a little Hannah and Garrett in the background cause I really don't want to see anything but roses and sunshine for these two characters after we have seen them vanquish their ghosts in this book.


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