5 Holy Shit Stars

I started this book off in a book funk and as I read it I was scared my funk would make me not appreciate it as much as I expected to after all the amazing reviews on it I had read. Then I realised I had half the book hilighted and I was only at 65% so I forgot my book funk but I read on with knots in my stomach and a whole heap of fear.

I knew it was going to break my heart. I knew I was going to cry ugly tears and have my kids roll their eyes and pass me tissues.

Then I drove away from my sons football training and left my much loved kobo that never left my hand at the oval with all my highlights and notes. I finished dinner went to my handbag to get said kobo and my heart stopped. I screamed "holy fuck I left it at the oval" and I am heartened to say my whole family mobilised. lol. So there I was driving the streets in the middle of the night with my wonderful husband chanting its ok babe dont panic you can buy a new one its not even 12 hours until the shops open. I swear half that neighbourhood probably thought banshees where attacking when I screamed that it was my notes I needed.

So needless to say I was at the shop before it opened abusing random strangers until I went home with a new one and redownloaded Fighting Silence and found out what happened to the amazing Till and Eliza and Quarry and Flint. But it's ok I can breathe now.

And now I can tell you that yes this book will break your heart and it will have you crying ugly tears and have your teenage children judge you for crying over fictional characters but OMG it was worth every tear. And I will be anxiously awaiting Flints book which is next. This book is one I will remember and one I will recommend to everyone.

So go read it right now. Seriously.


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