4.5 Imperfectly Perfect Hearts

Good Girl Gone is yet another amazing installment of my beloved Reed brothers and gladly it was nearly as awesome as the others.

I picked up the first book by chance and never looked back. From the start I was in insta lust but it grew to a solid love of all things Reed related.

This series started with Paul and Kit and it was obvious the brothers were unique and amazing and as we got to know each of them in their individual books as well as their surrounding friends and neighbours my love for them has grown. They don’t see anything but the endless potential of every person they meet and each book delves into the things most people see as disabilities.

We watched them go from 6 brothers sharing a tiny 3 bedroom flat and watch them valiantly try to not only drag themselves up from nothing but also make the lives of those around them better and brighter in any way they can.

I love that not only do we get every brother and their wives and families and friends right down to the doorman’s grandson in law (Although I did miss Henry, we did get Daniel in this book) in every novel and novella but we also get a little of each secondary character as they join the family along the way. 

This book was the first novel not based on one of the Reed brothers directly, however like I mentioned the brothers have never met a stranger, so along the way we have met and came to love the girls from Fallen From Zero as well as Josh.

I wasn’t sure how it would go with the brothers not being front and centre but I have to admit I barely noticed it. Tammy writes amazing books that make me smile even as the tears run down my face at the everyday life and drama’s that happen to all these characters as they fall in love and navigate their way to Happily Ever After.

This is a must read NA series that has plenty of heat along with people you can’t help but love and feel to the depths of your souls. So seriously if you haven’t yet read Tall, Tatted and Tempting one click it right now and fall in love with this perfectly imperfect family.


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