Gah! Right in the feels!

Well I hope you're happy Penny Reid you have made me break one of my life rules and reinforced the fact it was made for a damn good reason.

I normally don't read the teasers for other books at the end of a book but for whatever reason I did read the teaser for this book when I finished reading The Hooker and the Hermit and to be completely honest I think it was that I was so hooked on the writing style and the story I just couldn't put it down yet. So I went off and read the teaser for this book and HAD to read it. So the wait began and this one finally releases.

Normally that would be good but I hate reading trilogies or series about the same couple until they are all out as I have 0 impulse control and a shit memory so I need to know I can read them all in one sitting if I get obsessed. So I put them on my TBR mountain and swear I will come back to them once they are all out. And sometimes I remember and I do that but normally I forget and go off and read a bazillion other books. So this was released but I held off, I was gonna wait for them all to be out. I mean it's only a few weeks right?

I made it 3 whole days before I cracked and 1 clicked and read it like it was going to be stolen from me at any second. Now I have reached the end of this book and idiot that I am I read the teaser for book 2 (cause come on that cliffy was just mean) that I have to wait 3 freaking weeks for. I mean seriously 3 weeks? Why do you hate us?

And if those huge looming 3 weeks aren't already seeming like a life sentence now that I am addicted to Kaitlyn and Martin I already know I have to wait atleast 17 days after that to get the final installment.

So I hope your happy Penny. Now my kids and husband are probably going to go to jail for murder after I drive them all insane obsessing over these books. And my husband is in no way pretty enough to become someones bitch. So you have now ruined all of our lives forever.


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