Wow, just wow.

It was always a given that Ally's story would be amazing. From the minute we met her she was this bright light of sweet and caring and she looked out for everyone regardless of their failings and faults with complete love and no judgement and having met her beautiful parents you could see why.

When it was announced that we had already met her partner speculation was that it would be Molly's old flame from England.And I figured that could work. I mean I wasn't a huge fan but he could warm up a little and we didn't know much of him so sweet, books written. Ummm wrong.

Elpi could not have been further from him. And realizing it was Axel and having seen all he had done and where he was coming from I just couldn't reconcile him with our beautiful Ally.

I mean don't get me wrong I knew Ally wouldn't judge and I knew if anyone could see passed the obvious negatives to the heart beneath it would be Ally I just wanted so much more, so much better. Knowing her this long and seeing how truly pure of soul she was I wanted epic for her.

But of course as is par for the series the asshole is never set in marble (see what I did there? huh did ya?) and as Tillie peeled away at his layers and showed us his side of his past sins my heart broke and I couldn't help but love him.

 I think Axel genuinely broke my heart. I sat reading this book with floods if tears pouring down my face waiting for him to look around and see what he could have. I just wanted to scream at him "fucking tell them all already and let them love you, you idiot." I love that his road to redemption wasn't easy and I love that it didn't happen because of any one thing.

The depth of character here was astounding and seeing things in past tense from Axel's point of view after we had seen how it affected his brothers and other previous characters just made this book go from perfect to epic.

Although I am devastated to see this series finish I don't think it could have been better. And I will forever bow at the feet of Tillie Cole for giving us the stories of Rome and Molly, Cassie and Jimmy-Don, Lexi and Austin. And for also giving us perfection at every turn with this series.

So until I get the balls up to read her other books I guess I will continue to rant over this Sweet series.


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