I love these brazen books. They are the perfect mindless smut after an angsty book or a NA jag just to get my mind cleared. Although ordinarily they are pretty forgettable this one was awesome.

I seriously am burnt out on the poor na├»ve virgin and sexy billionaire that seems to be the norm so when I read the blurb for this one I knew I had to read it and I seriously wasn’t disappointed.

And although there was the common as fuck bodyguard theme it was completely different and unique and I Fucking loved it.

Being such a short novel they got straight to the point and then they got straight to the point. And Damn was it hot. I seriously was fanning my self for some of the sex scenes.

I loved Jackson so hard but I have to say Idk if it’s just me or if romance as a whole is changing but it seems like I have been getting some seriously kick ads heroines in my recent reads and I Fucking love it. 

Be sure to go one click it now


Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury series has maintained its level of perfection yet again.

I have always been a sucker for smoking hot alpha athletes and even though we don’t have ice hockey in Australia I have to admit it works for me. When I picked up the first in the series I expected to enjoy it. I expected the normal easy sports themed romance that are a fun read but are almost interchangeable. However that is definitely not what I got with Alex. Instead I got a team of players I was deeply invested in and awesome women I wanted to see get the guy.

I have been dying for Ryker's book since Zack. I am a sucker for a single dad and I was intrigued by how a take no prisoners career orientated woman would fit into the mix. 

I absolutely loved Gray but I have to admit I didn’t get what I was hoping for with this book. Gray was kick ass and I loved that she earnt her place in such a male dominated industry. That strength of character and drive was awesome but I was really wanting to see more interaction with Ruby and Violet and a bit more “family”.

 Ryker was pure perfection as I had expected. He was an amazing dad and from the second he fell for Gray he showed it and proved it and I just wanted to steal him off the page and keep him. I love that he loved and respected everything Gray had achieved not just as her man but as a father who wanted to see the glass ceiling smashed before his daughters ever even knew it existed. He was all that I wanted and more.

As with every book in this series it was smoking hot, had plenty of emotion and a lot of great characters and once I started I couldn’t put it down. Love these Cold Fury guys.

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So it took me forever to finally read Full Measures and when I did I could have kicked myself, I absolutely adored it but I still wasn't ready to jump right into this one. I needed a bit to recover and prepare myself for the depth of emotion this series makes me feel.

On top of that I was expecting a love triangle after reading the blurb and that's not really my thing. Except then I saw the next one is releasing soon and I just had to do it. So here we are.

First let me say Rebecca nailed it. Whenever there's a series of NA books like this I always go in half expecting the second one not to be as awesome as the first. I mean we all know lightning doesn't strike twice so what are the odds if the second book making me feel as much as the first one?

Well this one I think was even better. Maybe because the angst was more personal to the characters or maybe because paisley was so trapped by her circumstances rather than just by her thoughts. I honestly don't know but Damn did it all work.

And it really didn't hurt that jagger hit all my panty melting buttons. Sweet Jesus that boy was fine. And sweet and determined and everything you want in a NA book boyfriend.

And the two of them together was so beautiful, yet so broken I just wanted to wrap them up and keep them forever.

If you haven't yet read this series I honestly can't recommend it more for an angsty, ugly cry book that will make you smile for days.

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Now one click them both. Grab the tissues and the wine (the whole bottle you won't want to put the book down to refill and you will need it) and go curl up with these beautiful couples now.


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