If like me you have seen all the amazing reviews out there raving about the perfect dialog in this book I can honestly say you won’t be disappointed. It was all that and more. So much more.

These characters had so much depth and felt so incredibly real I felt like I could just phone them up and meet them for coffee. There was never a moment while I was reading this book that I didn’t feel 100% invested in them both.

Kate was so beautiful and sweet and caring and witty and just perfect, I immediately wanted to know everything about her. And the way the book was written we got lots of her fed to us slowly in a way that felt completely organic. For me she was absolutely the star of the book, which is strange since I am a bit of a book boyfriend whore.

But with that all said Ian was pretty damn perfect in the book boyfriend stakes with one glaringly massive exception that made me scream and cry and rant like a lunatic. But of course he made up for that exception and all was right with my world once again.

I can honestly say this was one of the most unique story lines I have read in a long time and I couldn’t recommend it more. Seriously one click it now, you won’t be disappointed.


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