This book was recommended to me by my beautiful blog mate Judy and I am so glad I one clicked it immediately.

I seriously haven’t laughed so hard while reading in so long, which is great except I happened to read this at my son’s basketball training surrounded by other parents. And trying to explain about the fainting goat didn’t really help my cause but in the end I figured fuck them I HAD to know what happened next, they can read it themselves.

I absolutely adored Cocky Bastard, it was sweet and funny and all round awesome. And being an Aussie I have to say they nailed out humour perfectly as well as the awesomeness that are Tim Tams.

Chance was perfect and I fell so hard for him from the start. He was just amazing and the way he teased and threw Aubrey’s attitude back at her when she was being a bitch just made him all the more perfect. 

And Aubrey was so beautiful, once she dropped her bitch act that I just wanted her to have the best of everything. 

This book truly had everything, from laugh out loud humour to moments of devastation and drama. If you haven’t read this book yet you have to one click it right now.


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