I have been fangirling over this series and the amazing talent of Linda Kage since I first picked up Price of A Kiss. From that first book I was so beyond hooked, I can’t even explain without making some weird high pitched sound only dolphins could interpret, but I am going to try to write a review to sum up the absolute perfection of this novel.

When I first saw that there was finally a release date I jumped on the ARC begging line and luckily for me I think Linda felt sorry for my patheticness and granted me one. But before I had a chance to even look at mine one of my GR friends posted a comment stating this was different from the rest of the series and to be prepared. Well that had me shitting my pants, I mean why the hell would Linda change perfection? And what was I going to get if it was different to my beloved Forbidden men?

But you know I have no patience so I tried to lock myself in a dark room with my kindle and find out all there was to know about the new ex-con bartender we super briefly met in A Perfect Ten.

And from the first page I was back in my happy place and to be honest now that I have finished it I think this book was in true form to every other book in the series.

If you are a fan of the Forbidden Men series then you are going into this knowing all of the characters are interconnected and generally in more ways than one, but in this one the connections aren’t ones we already know of so that’s a little different. Also this book takes place in two time frames which isn’t the usual but damn did that work so perfectly I can’t imagine any other way of being told this story.

Like all the other novels in this series there is heartache and devastation but I honestly had a near breakdown when I woke up 2 hours early this morning to try and finish this book before we had to go out only to get to 80% and run out of reading time. Not only was I out of time but I was ugly crying so hard I could hardly keep my eyes open to read the next word. So be warned read this when you have the time to sit and enjoy it.

Now don’t get me wrong this book had so much emotion it was almost soul destroying but it also had everything we can expect from all our favourites and then a few more twists and turns to keep us all on our toes. It had so much love and friendship and support it was hard not to smile but it also had Ten’s crazy comedy and a few surprises to keep us all on baited breath for Ashers book. Which fucking hell that teaser was just plain mean Linda, so you better have that one almost ready or I may end up camped on your lawn going through your trash to find out what happens next.

But in all honesty this series has been perfection from start to not quite finish so if you haven’t yet read Price of A Kiss one click it right now and if you’re already a die hard fan of the series like I am you really should have this pre ordered already and trust me you are going to love Knox and City so hard.

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