If you have read Beck you know I had to jump straight in to Cooper. I mean O.M.Geeeee Harper, seriously, all I wanted to do at the end of that was sit down and scream WHY?

If you haven't read Beck yet then seriously what are you doing with your life?

Obviously by this point in the series we know most of the players pretty well but these two we only really get to know slightly in the last book and we met them during so much drama and heartbreak it was pretty easy to barely give them a glance while our focus was on Beck and Dee but the hook was sunk and I did leave that book knowing that this book was not just inevitable it was desperately needed.

Going into this story I expected it to be pretty predictable and the only things that were unknown was how and when the heads came out of asses and how certain secrets we all knew would be delivered to characters who were still in the dark.

But of course with this series Harper pulled it off fabulously and at no time did I get the urge to skim through to get passed the obvious because it just never happened. As always there was a lot of smoking hot sex, a fair bit of action and drama (not in the angsty, gut clench kinda way but in the omg what happens next, fun way) and I loved watching every second of it it play out. 

This series just keeps getting better and better.

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