I started this series when Harper first released Axel and fell madly in lust with him. but then I had to wait for Beck to be written and have had it on my TBR list with no doubt I was coming back to it, but it just kept falling further and further down the pile as new books were added. But then I saw the rave reviews for Bleeding Love and so being the idiot I am I didn't stop to check I just went right on and one clicked Unexpected Fate and devoured it. Of course part way through it clicked that I knew these characters so I backtracked and did a little research and realised it was a Corps Security spin off so as soon as I finished I raced back to Amazon and one clicked the rest of that series and went on an alpha male binge.

Now that the lust has started to clear from my brain I figure it's about time I settle in and write a review.

As I mentioned it's been a while since I read the first 2 in the series so I was a little rusty on the story line but this didn't detract from the book at all. I remembered my favourites and as I read bits and pieces came back to me and I was hooked.

Beck was so amazing and beautiful I just wanted to rip him from the pages and keep him in my pants forever. Watching everything they went through and seeing his complete faith in Dee and his absolute belief that not only was she worth every obstacle that had to be overcome but that their love was so solid made me smile like an idiot.

I love that with these books we don't just get a love story, we get a family, we get action and drama and a story that has the ability to keep me so captivated I can't put it down and I immediately have to jump into the next one to see how the other members of this perfect crew are going to get their HEA.

I absolutely loved every second of this book. And Harper Sloan has cemented herself as a must read author with her perfect alphas and story lines that keep me flipping pages at 3am cause I can't go to sleep until I know how it all plays out. 

So if you haven't read this series yet do yourself a favour and grab it now.

Check out my Unexpected Fate Review by clicking the pic below


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