Since the moment I first picked up Until November, Aurora has been a must read author for me. I just love her novels so much. And this book was just further proof of her right to be on the very high pedestal I have her placed on.

Lea has returned home to nurse her mother through the last stages of cancer after having left fifteen years ago, running from her grief over her father’s sudden death, leaving behind her high school sweetheart. As Lea returns to her small town home she is confronted by everything she left behind as well as the anger Austin feels over her sudden departure.

But as the blurb alludes, nothing is as cut and dry as both Lea and Austin think and old hurts and misunderstandings are revealed and Austin realises that all of his anger is misdirected.

Aurora writes the most amazing, alpha men who it is impossible not to fall in instant love with. And Austin was absolute perfection. From the second he discovers that Lea may have left him physically but she has never stopped being his he stakes his claim and from that second on there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that their love was inevitable.

From the start Fighting to Breathe had me feeling so many emotions; I literally couldn’t put the book down until I had seen how their story played out. And despite the copious amounts of tears I shed while reading this book I put it down with all of my broken pieces repaired and a smile in my soul.

If you’re a fan of possessive, growly, protective, loving alpha men who make your panties melt and your heart pound this author is for you and you HAVE to one click this book right now.


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