I wasn't sure Fighting Shadows could live up to the feels and depth of emotion Fighting Silence made me feel. And I was so worried about how Flint was going to deal with his feelings for Eliza I really went into this book feeling a crazy mix of hope and stomach churning apprehension. I mean honestly Fighting Silence was pretty damn close to perfection (naked pics of Till throughout would have nailed it if your wondering what more I could need) and the ending finished off Eliza and Till's story so perfectly I honestly didn't need more, but when I saw this one damn did I want it.

So we go into this book with a bit of background on Flint, if you have read the first book ( this isn't a must but you would be doing yourself an injustice just cause it's amaze balls) and absolutely nothing on Ash except for our brief introduction to the absolute douchery of her father in book one. And her introduction was perfect. 

So there I was from the beginning, tears running down my face as I fell back under the spell of this amazing author and had the flawless love story of Ash and Flint played out in my hands in such a way that they now share real estate with Eliza and Till in my heart.

Flint is one of the wonderful Page brothers, who have literally dragged themselves up from nothing and fought for everything they have. And at every turn they are put through hell. Flint escaped the hearing loss that Till and Quarry have inherited, only to throw himself in front of a bullet to save Eliza. 

But rather than sulk and moan his paralysis he is trapped in his guilt over his forbidden feelings for his brothers wife. So he does what he thinks he has to and leaves the family to get his shit together. 

But life always has to throw more shit on these boys shovels and a new drama is presented for them to fight. But with it comes Ash and from the first moment she meets Flint she is captivated. 

Ash is a character like no other. The girl had so many quirks and such an amazing, giving heart it is hard not to fall for her. Not that she really gave Flint any other option, if he had tried to resist that is. Of course if you have read the blurb you know Ash is a runner, like Flint she has spent her whole life fighting but never had anyone fight for her and doesn't realise she is worth fighting for.

Luckily for Ash, Flint knows she is worth fighting for and when she runs he chases. And he just further proves how amazing the Page boys are.

And now having been teased with the start of poor Quinn's story I am already heartbroken and very impatiently holding my breath for that to be released.

But for now if you haven't yet one click this right now and if you didn't read Fighting Silence grab that as well, find a comfy spot to curl up and be sure to take your tissues cause these are my top two must read, ugly cries of the year.

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