Wow this book was awesome. I am absolutely blown away that it was Missy's debut novel. I admit I picked it up for the cover but it had me sucked in almost immediately.

Jewel was amazing. I was expecting a weak, damaged young lady and was delighted to receive a fighter through and through. I mean sure she had some weaknesses and some weak moments but after everything she had been through she was incredible.

And her friends and families love and support was perfect. I absolutely loved them all to pieces

But of course the star of the book, the reason I read romances, was of course Asher. Holy fuck was he perfection on a stick. Not only did he go above and beyond for jewel but he was just an all round great guy.

This book had a lot of terrible things happen to the characters but the way it was written was so uplifting. They were survivors and never once did I feel sorry for them or feel like they were victims.

And watching Asher help Jewel on her journey and fight for her at every step I fell madly in love with yet another perfect book boyfriend.

This is a must read book for everybody. Seriously you have to go one click this right now and fall in love with Jewel & Asher


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