Omg the last Corps Security book. Reading this book was so bittersweet. I mean I absolutely love Maddox Locke, he has been the broody, quiet guy in the corner you can't stop your eyes from straying to from the start. And I really wanted him to have all that he deserved and more but I just never wanted this series to end.

Of course if you've read this series you know that this story begins at the end of Beck and it is set in the same time as Cooper but since Harper is such a goddess you have no idea what has happened and how poor Emmy is handling everything she went through. And we kinda got a very tiny tease into why Maddox is so closed off but really that tiny little picture left us with more questions than answers.

And if you are anything like me you had twenty different plot twists as to what the picture represents and what happened to turn the smiling man in the photo into the one we all know and when it is revealed just let me say

I didn't see that coming. Seriously just straight out of left field but damn did Harper have me sitting on the edge of my seat dying to see what happens next.

Even though Maddox was my favourite one of the boys, damn did he drive me fucking nuts. I thought he would never pull his head out of his damn ass and I am sad to say there were times I wanted Emmy to just kick him in the dick and walk away.

Anyway if you’re like me and love story's with no emotional angst or over done relationship drama, can't get enough of possessive, growly alphas who know what they want and won't let anyone doubt it,mixed in with enough smoking hot scenes to make panties pointless this series has gone above and beyond and after messing up a little and reading Unexpected Fate first I can say with confidence that the spin off just keeps that bar held high.

So if you haven’t met the men of Corps Security yet race off and one click it today. Check out my reviews on some of the boys by clicking on the images below.


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