4 K.A. Kisses

So right before I read this book I read a somewhat negative review from a GR reviewer I really love on a recent KA book I really loved where she basically pointed out her ire over the KA things that she feels are always prevalent in her work. And I as a very hard core KA fan sat back and found myself nodding my head and agreeing with every one of her points. So as I read this book every time one of these aforementioned flaws came up I kinda ended up doing little mental nods and maybe lost a teeny tiny bit of the story.

So then I guess that leads us to ask why a 4 and why mention it if I still obviously love the books but am bitching about the similarities and Idk maybe KAish formula would be the best way to describe it and I have to admit that when I was trying to explain it to my poor, long suffering, non book reading husband I realised that was part and parcel of why I so strongly love KA books.
The heroes are all almost transferable and they all do speak the same and they all have the “Babe” down pat but you know what I fucking love those men. And the only time it’s really ever been an issue for me that they are all so similar was when I was reading this book consciously thinking about it as I went into it and when I went on a KA bender and read the entire Unfinished Heroes series in a row. 

I love that her novels are real. They argue about money and exes and small insignificant miscommunications as small insignificant miscommunications. They apologise when they fuck up. They fit life in around work and kids and friends and sometimes the phone rings or the doorbell goes right as your about to finish and you grit your teeth and answer the fucking thing.

There’s no big dramas over small shit or small dramas over big shit. There’s no perfect virgins and heroes who don’t have work and a need to look after their families.

The women are all women I can relate to who I would love to have a wine with and the men are all men I could see my husband having a beer with at the footy.

All that said this book was the same but different. There were things I didn’t like and things I saw that I felt didn’t work with the characters but overall I loved it cause it was written by KA and her books make me happy and horny and I love her characters and stories and when I re-read this again in a few months I will endeavour to try tell you why more specifically to this story. Maybe.

But then again if your looking to start reading this book you probably don’t need me to tell you shit cause you already know kinda what your going to get when you pick up a KA book and the rest you got from the blurb so I guess the question is why are you reading this review and not already nose deep in Soaring?


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