This is a new series from Sierra Hill. And although I've enjoyed some of her previous work, I feel like it's been forever since I've read any of it. And I kind of went into this one blind. Then I got the link for the little novella and figured I'd read that first.


I really can't decide if that was a mistake or not. It set me up to really like Karis. And it had some pretty steamy scenes and a bit of background info on how Karis and Ballas know each other. But then it kind of ended and I jumped into the book, and I sort of immediately disliked Ballas.


And despite the fact Karis was this awesome boss babe, I felt like she needed to call Ballas out more and make him grovel. Thankfully the book is dual POV so getting Ballas's thoughts and feelings on things made him a lot less unlikable. It didn't help that he never actually said any of the important stuff to Karis and I think she not just deserved it, but really needed it.


Now that all said, Karis was awesome, and she did act very maturely and professionally. And Ballas wasn't terrible, he just was clueless and in a position that he didn't know how to deal with. And I was very invested in seeing this all play out. I just really love some serious grovel.


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