I picked this up because I saw everyone talking about a new family from the beautiful Karla Sorensen and I was there for it. And I immediately loved Greer. But as I was reading it, I started wondering what was going on with some of the siblings already all loved up and their names sounded familiar. So naturally I went off to see who they were and was surprised that they were from the Wolves series, which was my earlier obsession and the reason I was so excited to get my hands on this. Because Karla not just writes awesome football books, she has these characters with such depth you wish you knew them off the pages.


As mentioned, Greer was my kinda people from the first page. There really wasn’t anything about her that I didn’t love, and she had me feeling all of the feels along with having a giggle and a cry from one minute to the next. Her love for her family and the people she cared about was beautiful and I couldn’t fault her for doing everything she could for them. Beckett was a slower build for me. He was reserved and serious, and I got where he was coming from, especially when we got his point of view. He loved just as hard, but he held himself back because he gave everyone everything.


Watching these two fall was a really fun and touching story. And the inclusion of Olive, especially the fact she was the quiet shy kid (one of whom I happen to own) was perfect. I loved the way she was always everyone's priority. The adults all acted maturely and there wasn’t a single moment I was upset by their actions. And even though Beckett took a lot longer to get there he was always so sweet and supportive and caring. I loved how he acted immediately once he realised, he was making a mistake and not just owned it but set out to rectify it.


The whole book was just really easy to read and even when I was crying, I was happy and loving the story and characters. I really hope that we are getting all the other sibling’s stories in the near future. 




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