Holy shit. I feel like Kristen delved into my brain and pulled out the perfect man to make me feel all squirmy and squishy. Not only was Dex sexy as fuck with his beard and man bun but he was also sweet and loving and then you throw in his tattoos, piercings and the fact he has a dirty mouth and bam I am in love. And you would think all that would be enough but no then she throws in his ability with Gray and Ivy's new baby and him flying in to help babysit so they can get some sleep and boom ovaries exploded.

I mean seriously what more could you want in a man? Oh did I mention he was a virgin? And he plays professional football? That's right the unicorn of romance heroes. I mean damn do I even need to tell you about anything else? Why haven't you already started reading this?

Ok so maybe I can tell you a little about her. She is Ivy's flighty baby sister who we have heard a little about in the friend zone and to be honest there were moments I didn't like her a whole lot but then it was hard not to like her just purely on how much Dex loved her. He painted her in such an amazing light that even when she hugged me I got it. And even though there were a few times she did what seemed to be stupid selfish shit, she did do them for the right reasons. And maybe part of my issue was the fact she owned Dex heart and soul.

This series has been awesome from the start but damn did this one more than deliver. I feel like it was written as my own personal birthday present and I seriously couldn't recommend it more. It can be read as a complete stand alone but honestly if you like the sound of this one you will love the whole series so you may as well start at the beginning and get the full experience.


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